Date: 14th June 2011 at 2:05am
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At only 20 years old, David De Gea is already making a name for himself as one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

Despite his lack of experience De Gea has shown maturity and confidence on the big stage, as seen with his victory with Spain at the u17 European Championships, Atletico Madrid’s Europa League win in 2010 and their victory over Inter Milan in the Super Cup.

The 10/11 season was also impressive for the Spanish goalkeeper, out of the 38 games played he tallied up an impressive 11 clean sheets. He receives praise everywhere he goes with Spanish u21 team mate and Barcelona midfielder Thiago stating recently:

“De Gea will be the best keeper in the world in a few years.

“He has everything – the hands, strength and the feet. There is nothing in goalkeeping he is not brilliant at.”

Iker Casillas speaks with worry that he will soon be competing for his place in the national side with the 20 year old stating,

“Pretty soon, he (De Gea) will fight for my place. He is a great goalkeeper. We have to take care of him because he has a bright future. He is only 20 years old, I hope he does great things for his club and the national squad”.

Despite the praise aimed at him, his age and lack of experience is always going to be a talking point with United fans who have seen the best and the worst of goalkeepers come through the door of Old Trafford. The fans always want our next number one to be more in the ilk of Alex Stepney, Peter Schmeichel or Van Der Sar and less like Roy Carroll or Massimo Taibi.

At the reported £17.5 million fee the move may represent a risk but we have cast our eye over him numerous times and Sir Alex has decided that he is good enough to be our number one.

De Gea is by no means the complete article for example this past season De Gea conceded the most goals from outside the box in La Liga. This is just one element of his goal keeping education and no school is tougher than the Premier League with its more physical play and faster pace. So will De Gea be able to step up to the plate?

In my opinion the hardest position to fill is between the sticks, someone who is very vocal and can copy with the pace of the premiership is a must for any United player, let alone keeper. I approach an news of a goalkeeping acquisition with caution. As we saw with Schmeichel and Van der Sar the number one jersey is core to the team in both a defensive and attacking capacity and I believe that De Gea can grow into this role at Old Trafford.

Due to his lanky physique, agility and even looks, the players and staff at Atletico Madrid christened him ‘Van Der Gea’.

A good omen? Let’s hope so.

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This piece is courtesy of Rob West


12 responses to “Is this young Spaniard the right man for the job at Old Trafford?”

  1. bill says:

    De Gea is without a doubt, the most promising young goalkeeper in European football and I have no doubts he will do a very good job, right from the off.

    My only concern though is, keepers dont tend to peak until they are around 30, De Gea is 20, can we really expect a spanish keeper to stay in the cold wet Manchester for 15 years+?

    Is it going to be another Ronaldo case where he turns into a top class player only for his head to be turned the moment Madrid/Barca are in for him? I hope not but I can see Barca replacing Valdes with De Gea in 5/6 years time and I for one, cannot bare another Ronaldo saga

    • Skipy says:

      You know agree with you de gea is a great goalie with a promising future but will he be a typical man u ingrate when fergie brings u in you stay and develop into a world class player nd leave

  2. Naman says:

    Too young .. A bit too young

  3. bill says:


    For me, if you’re talented enough, you’re good enough. Okay yes, experience makes you a better player especially for keepers but it’s not like De Gea is raw

    He’s participated in and won Europa league, U17 championsships and has been playing first team La Liga football for 2 seasons now

    Casillas was 18/19 when he became Madrid’s number 1 and that was with no other first team experience behind him and was Spain’s numebr 1 at only 19!

  4. RedScot says:

    I suppose the best and most accurate way to evaluate David de Gea is listen to and acknowledge people who have actually witnessed his development through his career to date.Step forward Roberto Martinez (the Spanish manager currently at Wigan) Who spoke so highly of de Haayoo(pronunciation) prior to the European under 21 game in which he played against Ingurland.
    Not some old fools waffling on and reading piffle on some internet site!. lmao.Its all done in best possible taste!. lol

  5. Yosh says:

    I doubt he’ll hit the ground running. I guess thats why fergie brought in the Dane, so the kid doesn’t feel too much pressure at the front door.

    • RedScot says:

      Anders lindegaard you mean, yes you are correct although his experience is clearly limited also.
      I am curious as to what will happen to the Tomasz Kuszczak, its all a dilemma, right now on the goal keeping front.
      It depends how de Gea recovers from a ‘balls up’ and has the mental ability to shake it off.
      He seemingly does have this in his make up.
      why do United not sign goal keepers that you can spell easily, its not much to ask is it! lol

  6. RedScot says:

    Any how must fly, it was wonderfull enjoying the lively interaction on here.Toodle pip.

  7. Pete says:

    Young and will need time. Wouldn’t be surprised if we sign someone with more experience.

  8. edgar193 says:

    id love to see de gea at united i believe he has a bright future in our massive club.

    oh and btw redscot, its more like De He-AH

    • RedScot says:

      Thank you edgar193, I will try to get ma tongue around that De He-AH…Cracked it, I think. lol