Date: 14th June 2011 at 11:15am
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As they say life imitates art.

So is there any surprise Manny Pacquiao is posing with a Manchester United shirt having knocked Man City fan Ricky Hatton out cold in 2009?

Floyd Mayweather also wore a United shirt in the run up to his 2007 fight with Ricky Hatton, a fight where he also stopped the ‘Hitman’ (starting to see a pattern emerge).

Personally I think he could do a job for us in midfield but he may need to bulk up!



12 responses to “PICTURE: Manny Pacquiao poses with United shirt”

  1. Kieron says:

    Bulk up? Look at his calfs. Roberto carlos ain’t got nothing on Manny

  2. Chudi says:

    I was joking but yeah look at his left calf in this pic:

  3. Yosh says:

    I am with Kieron on this one, look at the size of them! Strikers wouldn’t dream of crossing the midfield lol. They’ll have to try and score from the halfway line.

  4. Saeed says:

    Thats the problem with the English,(or wanabes)its all about appearance.If Pacquiao was 6’8 black and built like an outhouse, there would be no comment about doing a job in midfield.

    Pacquiao is Pound4Pound Champ, recently beatup Margarito who weighed more than 20lbs on fight night.In boxing terms,(those who dont know)for welterweight,thats impossible!

    In the recent Champs League Final, when Barca lined up against MU, you could be excused for thinking MU was about to play the under 12’s team.But everytime Barca attacked MU buckled.

    Look at the great Roy Keane is was slim,some may say skinny,but what a player,fighter and leader.

    In English football if a player is slim hes told to bulk up, in Europe no such thing happens as the player is allowed to express himself.

    My opinion…..

    • Chudi says:


      Firstly no need to try school me about Pac, I been watching from when he was a crude one handed Flyweight up until his one sided beat down of Mosley.

      It was a joke buddy so relax

  5. Simon J. Mo says:

    Relationship between boxing and soccer

  6. RedScot says:

    Knockout any one who decks Ricky hitman Hatton as my vote of confidence he enters(or did enter the arena to Blue moon) Glad he knocked his lights out. Aint it great to have balls the size of space hopper behind the safety of a computer screen….So watch it… GRRRRRRR . LOL

  7. Roy Williams says:

    Pacman bulk up? the guy is far from skinny he is muscular and stocky at 5 foot 5 and half he destroys men bigger than him in sparring.

    check the huge muscular legs of pacman here, bodybuilders work many years just to attain legs like this.

    Awesome United shirt it has all the players signatures!

  8. Roy Williams says:

    Here is a better picture of pacmans massive thighs and calves

  9. Chudi says:

    I like Pac and all that but just wondering if I’m not the only person wondering why this has descended into people ogling his thighs and calves.

    FYI I’m currently seeing someone (a female!)

  10. Saeed says:

    I’m very relaxed BHUDDY…

    ignorance is bliss…………….