Date: 15th June 2011 at 3:17pm
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With United seemingly ready to continue spending in the summer, our strengthening of the squad will surely improve our chances of further silverware next season.

But bringing in new players must have a knock on effect and players will likely leave the club in order to accommodate those coming in, namely Jonny Evans and to a lesser extent John O’Shea? O’Shea, Darron Gibson and Wes Brown have already been linked with moves away from Old Trafford and whilst Gibson appears to have agreed a move to Sunderland and Brown is looking for another club in the North West will Evans and O’Shea follow suit? More to the point should they?

Jonny Evans has been ever reliable in the absence of either Rio Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic since making his debut in 2007, however the arrival of Phil Jones has cast further doubt on Evans future at United. Evans has made 84 first team appearances and up until a loss of form this season looked to be the future of the United defence. Injury has also played it’s part as  Evans found himself sidelined with injury when Rio Ferdinand was laid low with a calf injury in February. Another United youngster Chris Smalling stepped in and deputized superbly which in turn saw Evans slide down the order of choice for Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex now seems spoilt for choice at centre half which makes a change as in 2009 United had to field Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher at the back. This inevitably means that someone will have to miss out and at the moment that someone seems most likely to be Jonny Evans.

As for John O’Shea the consistency of both Rafael and Fabio asks questions about his future at United. O’Shea has been a loyal servant to the club, has often found himself in the opposing teams penalty box, scoring the odd vital goal and putting in shifts at various different positions in defence, midfield as well as a cameo in goal away to Tottenham in a 4-0 victory after Edwin Van Der Sar was carried off with a head injury

But this role as United’s utility man hasn’t always worked in his favour and over the last few seasons has found himself more of a squad player rather than a 1st team regular, now at the age of 30 and having made nearly 400 appearances for United O’shea is classed as one of the senior players for whom the youngsters can and should be looking up to.

Despite their decreased involvement, it would be a shame to lose either player. Evans can put this season down to a blip and will undoubtedly work hard in order to put himself back in the reckoning and even if not selected at center back can also do a job covering at left back whilst O’Shea, as well as still being able to do a job, is important for his experience and seniority in the team, especially having lost 3 veterans already this season. He can impart what it means to be a United player to incoming players as well as the youngsters that may be promoted to the first team this season.
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16 responses to “Two unnecessary casualties from United’s transfer activity”

  1. spoon says:

    I would agree that John O’Shea should not be surplus to requirements, but I can’t agree with Jonny Evans. I like him, but this year he’s been pretty bad, to be honest. I think Fergie has seen that and decided he ain’t gonna cut the mustard. He’s had a couple years on loan and a couple years working at United with plenty of first team opportunity. He did well enough last year, overall, but not consistently well and this year he wasn’t any great shakes.

    • Chudi says:

      I think in the 08/09 season he was brilliant. I remember his game against Villareal he stood out and in both appearances against Chelsea he was top notch so I personal would like to keep Evans.

      • Shayne says:

        Evans was good in one season then after that he flopped and thank god fergie has seen that because he is now a liability.
        For any united fan to say evans is good u clearly havnt seen him these last 2 seasons

  2. Calvo says:

    Would (too an extent) keep O’Shea, but Evans?…no.
    While seems to have the ability I feel he may not have the added grit nor presence needed to be a Utd CB.Looking at how Fergie has had CB’s throughout his managerial career (from Miller to McLeish to Bruce to Stam to Rio to Vidic including the likes of Berg/Johnsen!)and each one had that presence, and Evans doesnt nor does he look like he has the mentality to consistently impose himself which given the level of games we play we need players that can especially in that with the arrival of Jones(who i am happy abt!) we now have that continuity with Smalling and Jones, and while we should insert a clause in any transfer of Evans I would none-the-less sell him!…perhaps even as a part exchange plus cash to say Spurs as Arry is looking for a CB and we’re looking at Modric!!

  3. Anas says:

    Don’t worry.. We can play phil jones at defending mid position with Smalling and Evans as the centre backs..

  4. Burnhard says:

    I’d rather lose Evans than O’shea. Evans is very clumsy and unpredictable – or maybe just too comfortable with his lot.

  5. Oliver says:

    Why would you rather that? O’Shea is a great guy, and a loyal player for United, but he’s just shocking now. He is so bad at passing, tackling, and going forward. All he’s got going for him is his height and his willingness to play anywhere.

  6. Afzal Jkhan says:

    Evans is dead wood and must be moved on. Most uncomfortable on the ball can be reckless in his tackles and his man marking on set pieces is so intense that more often than not he forgets to go for the ball !!

    • Chudi says:

      If I had prizes to give out you would have won one, for some reason
      “his man marking on set pieces is so intense that more often than not he forgets to go for the ball!!” made me laugh uncontrollably

      • Afzal Jkhan says:

        Hi Chudy
        Just read your remarks to my post and pleased that it gave you an opportunity to have a good laugh. To be fair to Evans he’s had a good game or two for United but I maintain he’s not good enough. Mind you, Fergie has stated a few times that he was the future of United. So only God knows whether he’ll be sold !

  7. jonathan says:

    I think many (certainly not all) United fans are torn about these two, but “unnecessary casualties” is a bit strong.

    I have no problem if O’Shea stays, but I don’t think it would constitute a major loss either if he leaves. Even his supporters will admit he’s not exceptional, so with the new additions I don’t think we need to worry if we have cover for various positions. He is a very good player though, and if he can be a integral part of another team than why not?

    As for Evans, last year was concerning. He does seem very anxious and he never truly gained composure at any part in the season. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, and it’s never a bad thing to have extra defensive cover. He’ll get his chance to prove whether he has what it takes.

  8. bruce thomas says:

    Evans has poor postional sense and poor distribution. He has been a laibility for too long. Teams target him as the wekest link now. He more or less single-handedly lost us two games last year — he was appalling against W Ham in the 4-0 defeat. Nowhere near the class and potential of Jones or Smalling. he’s had his chance. Move on.

  9. carlnorth says:

    Completely agree with the rest of comments. At a push I could see why O’Shea may have been kept but also see its probably his time (he’s been a great servant but I believe we have better in reserves) but in no way is Johnny Evans good enough. He looked good in parts but his positional sense is poor and he’s too slow. Phil Jones and Smalling are much more talented. If we are to compete with Barca, we need quality FOOTBALLERS all over the field. The difference between us an Barca was that every one of their players were comfortable on the ball, could beat a man and create a little bit of time when needed.

  10. Evansandosheaarecrap says:

    Evans – So many goals were caused by Evans ineffectual defending whenever he played… he is not world class, let alone PL class, Championship level class maybe. He stands off the opposition, and never takes the iniative to close down and read the play, he was looking good at one stage but is just not good enough for Utd, so why keep him? The Club success should not based on sentimentality from the manager or the fans – if they are not good enough to wear the shirt they should be let go. He was paid enough, had the opportunity but didnt improve!

    O’Shea – his time is up, he has not progressed to become world class – he is a dquad player and cannot pass a ball if his career depended on it! Good bye and thanks for the good memories, but time to go too. Mr average and yes, dependeable at times, but clearly not the best we could have.

    Think about it – if Barcelona play us again, would you include these 2? I thought not!