Who stays and who goes this summer? We decide…

Jonny Evans

We hadn’t seen a product emerge from our academy in a long time and sustain a prolonged stay in the first team in a long while before Jonny Evans came to the forefront in 08/09.

He looked like he had it all; the calm head, the assured positioning and spatial awareness and ruggedness in tackling. He was being spoken of as a ready-made replacement for Vidic or Ferdinand, whichever one gave way first. But his decline over the last season and a half has seen him go from the man to step in if any injuries occurred to the man who could barely be trusted to operate in his own position.

Every time I would see him on the starting line-up, I would see a mistake in him.

Once I dislike a player, it will take a long time for me to like them again and towards the end of last season he went some way to restoring my faith in him by showing flashes of his old self. I think he can be a top defender but that will probably only occur if he stays at Old Trafford.

Tom Cleverley

Confidence and Arrogance.

Sometimes people confuse them because there are lots of grey areas when it comes to these two words.

Cleverley feels that he has the ability capable of replacing the skills of the Scholes. Before we come to the judgement of whether he is good enough let’s evaluate his ability.

He can play all across the midfielder, whether it be on either wing or in the center of the midfield. He also has a decent range of passing and an eye for goal.

Whilst these qualities would appear ideal to be as blunt as a bad knife, right now he is good enough to fill the 25 man places in our squad and I don’t see him cementing a place in the starting XI.

To go back to those two words, confidence and arrogance, Cleverley has shown both. It takes absolute confidence in your abilities to say that the departure of Scholes shouldn’t be focused on too much because you can replace him.

However, it can also be looked at as his arrogance bordering on excess, we will learn whether he is right or wrong this season if Sir Alex makes good on his word and gives him proper time on the field.

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