Date: 5th July 2011 at 1:36pm
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As talk of Samir Nasri’s potential move to Old Trafford gathers pace another former Manchester United player has voiced his opinion.

Paul Scholes most recently stated that he would like to see Nasri join United and now former defender Paul Parker has stated that Nasri would be a good fit at Old Trafford and paid him a massive compliment en route, likening him to talismanic Eric Cantona.

Whilst Nasri has been derided for supposedly trying to earn a huge pay rise he himself has stated that the want of trophies is the main motivator behind any potential departure from The Emirates, resulting in football bet tips being placed on an Arsenal exit for the Frenchman.

Citing the last piece of silverware he won, a European u17 championship with France, Nasri stated he wants to win the trophies and accolades, which will therefore see his name added to the pantheon of greats that have gone before him and Paul Parker feels he can do that at Old Trafford as he wrote in his column for EuroSport,

“Nasri would be a more natural fit at United and would be used better by the manager – he would be the focal point of the side and Fergie loves those kind of players.

“When Eric Cantona signed he said, ‘When Eric wants the ball, you give it to him regardless of where he is on the pitch’ and Nasri is of a similar ilk.

“I think he would relish playing for Manchester United where he knows he could be one of the greats.”

A Cantona comparison is lofty praise but there are more than just fleeting similarities between the two, the most obvious being their links with Marseille. As more and more people add their support to a United move for the French midfielder you begin to think that the signing, despite still being unlikely, may happen.


34 responses to ““Nasri would be a more natural fit at United””

  1. Gavin says:

    Joseph u clown. Get a life

  2. Ash crane says:

    @James Adams

    “there is not one Arsenal supporter who would trade what Wenger has created here for what you have achieved at United”

    You meant to say wouldn’t trade. That’s Is the funniest rant I’ve read in a longtime. Get a grip and go to emirates and dust out the trophy cabinet! Arsenal ladies have more silverware

  3. adan says:

    Nasri or Modric… a difficult choice.
    But I’d take Nasri bcos he is more than capable of playing that Fabregas role at Arsenal. It’s just weird Mr. Wenger doesn’t utilise him in the middle more when he clearly stated that he’d like to play in midfield.
    Come to Old Trafford and he’ll have the No. 4 shirt ironed and ready.

  4. red wine says:

    You`ll never see Nasri , Wenger has too much power for France. France love Le Boss and everyone he approves. Nasri will obey Wenger like Fabregas does….dream on !

  5. red wine says:

    No player under Wenger went to Mutd…none! Paddy almost ,but stayed in `01 and went to Juve 4 yrs later.

  6. Jamali says:

    To “James Adams” specifically…..

    “He who laughs last, laughs the longest”…??? I can’t believe that an Arsenal fan actually taunts us with such idiocy (crap). Since the last time you’ve won something, (6yrs ago) ManUtd have been laughing every year. Chelsea had some big laughs too. Hell, even Liverpool, Citeh and …. wait for this …. Birmingham has had a big laugh too, at your expense I might add. History only remember winners.


    You mean none of you would trade ManUtd’s trophies? You’d rather play beautiful football that don’t win shit all than effective football that grinds out results? What’s the point of competing then? Might as well you guys get another job and kick around with your mates at the park on weekends.

    We all know Arsenal have the cash. But this is the only time left to splurge the cash before the financial fair play rule kicks in. Money doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure helps you getting there.

    Can’t blame Fabregas, Clichy and Nasri. They just wanna win as much before they retire. Anyway for the captain to lose hope in his team, wow that says alot, ain’t it? They’re not slaves. If they wanna go, let em. Just get the best deal you could from em.They’ve been great servants all these years, so just part in good terms, like Ronaldo did with SAF. Anyway they’re not kids that you could manipulate. They know when their careers are stalling.

    Alan Hansen’s “You don’t win anything with kids..” should have been directed to Arsenal’s current team of the last half decade. Oh ya, you’ve got Wilshere and Ramsey. Why not give them the center stage. At least they still wanna be around there, for now at least.

    Everyone knows Arsenal don’t buy big. Because big signings don’t come cheap. Only way to rebuild is to sell Fabregas and Nasri. That’ll get you a cool 55mil. You could buy dozens of the likes of Brentner etc.

    Anyway, cheer up mate. Everyone at ManUtd, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Citeh. are rooting for you guys to keep up with your current footballing philosophy and development. That means one less adversary to worry about at the business end of the season.

    Maybe you guys should be more realistic with your next target and aspirations. Just aim to maintain your Champion’s League spot instead of gunning for the Premiership crown. One more thing. That beating Barca rant is getting stale, mate. Try doing that in a final, then you’ll have my admiration. In the final, Barca is a totally different beast. Anyway, you’ve got to actually first make it to the final.

    In the end, we all have different goals. ManUtd is to beat Barca in the CL final. Yours would be to beat Birmingham in the League Cup final.

    So cheer up, and continue what you’re doing, everyone is rooting for ya, seriously.

    • raj says:

      jamali.. i totally agree with u mate. we should cheer ’em up for their aim to retain the CL spot(hope they can). lol

  7. Brian says:

    Nasri is back today he is not going back to train until Thursday

  8. JohnGunner says:

    Personally im an Arsenal supporter and after all this it seems Nasri is more than likely the player that has been causing disharmony in the squad behind closed doors! I mean first part of last season he was a world beater second part when things got a little tough he completely fell apart and was ineffectual most parts of the games!

    Man U always say how weak Arsenal are and they wanna sign the weakest and most disloyal of our players who has only really impressed 5month in 3 years? Bit odd if you ask me! Nasri will be a bit part player at any club outside Arsenal as Wenger (although frustrating and stubborn) knows how to get players playing and buys them to fit the teams mould outside that mould they never live up to what they are at Arsenal and Nasri hasn’t even peaked yet – just look what happened to Viera!

    • JohnGunner says:

      Long and short skilfully he’s amazing – but a mentally strong player? I’m not yet convinced!

  9. James says:

    He would be a good singing, but I’m yet convinced. Last week I thought it was Nasri, but things are changing everyday. I believe Gill and Ferguson have a plan, but I won’t be surprised if Nasri signs for Man City tomorrow. I think Wenger will try and prevent him from joining Man Utd.

    I think Ferguson may still have his eyes on Sneijder and possibly Sanchez. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Modric and Pastore are being looked at. I have a feeling we may still sign 2 more players. Fingers crossed.

  10. Ryan says:

    Jamali just slamming that poor Gooner. hehe.. Few thoughts:
    1. Nasri is better in the centre of park. He seemed to play best there, and when Fabregas was out of the lineup.
    2. Any formation with Rooney at the left just doesnt fly with me. It was ok at times when Ronaldo was around, but he cant dribble past people or cross. His passing in the centre of the park is his best quality to me, with some goals thrown in of course..
    3. Would be amazed if its Nasri who comes here. Cant see wenger selling to us before city.
    4. Sneijder is the play if possible. If not – Modric.