Date: 5th July 2011 at 1:36pm
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As talk of Samir Nasri’s potential move to Old Trafford gathers pace another former Manchester United player has voiced his opinion.

Paul Scholes most recently stated that he would like to see Nasri join United and now former defender Paul Parker has stated that Nasri would be a good fit at Old Trafford and paid him a massive compliment en route, likening him to talismanic Eric Cantona.

Whilst Nasri has been derided for supposedly trying to earn a huge pay rise he himself has stated that the want of trophies is the main motivator behind any potential departure from The Emirates, resulting in football bet tips being placed on an Arsenal exit for the Frenchman.

Citing the last piece of silverware he won, a European u17 championship with France, Nasri stated he wants to win the trophies and accolades, which will therefore see his name added to the pantheon of greats that have gone before him and Paul Parker feels he can do that at Old Trafford as he wrote in his column for EuroSport,

“Nasri would be a more natural fit at United and would be used better by the manager – he would be the focal point of the side and Fergie loves those kind of players.

“When Eric Cantona signed he said, ‘When Eric wants the ball, you give it to him regardless of where he is on the pitch’ and Nasri is of a similar ilk.

“I think he would relish playing for Manchester United where he knows he could be one of the greats.”

A Cantona comparison is lofty praise but there are more than just fleeting similarities between the two, the most obvious being their links with Marseille. As more and more people add their support to a United move for the French midfielder you begin to think that the signing, despite still being unlikely, may happen.


34 responses to ““Nasri would be a more natural fit at United””

  1. James Adams says:

    You are dreaming Jamali.
    Nasri: “Arsenal were the better team last year”.
    Nasri: “I want to stay at a team that plays my style of football” – that counts United AND City out.
    He will either stay put or go to Inter Milan.
    United scraped over the line because firstly Chelsea had a massive collapse after Ray Wilkins was sacked and secondly because Arsenal had a massive collapse after that Craling Cup debacle.
    We will always have the last laugh until United can go 49 games unbeaten. That was the biggest achievement of the Premiership era.

    For one more year we will have to watch while City outbid us for all these money-grabbers. After that, the Academy will count foremost for a club and that is where we are at the highest level. It took Barcelona many years to achieve. We are almost there. That is why the top British talent sees Arsenal as the place to be.
    Things are going to change very soon and we are ready. Credit to United for what they have achieved under Ferguson but do not deride other clubs. Watch your glory supporters fall away like the fools that they are once you fail for a couple of seasons. Our support is solid as a rock and we will be the ones, along with Barcelona, who show the world how football can be played.

  2. karlomu says:

    i hope utd don,t sign nasri he doesn,t have the winning mentality sneijder is the man we need because as all these gooner fans keep stating next year clubs will be relying on whats coming through the ranks and we have alot of promise coming through…the arsenal fans here are getting realy royaled up so funny…