Date: 16th July 2011 at 1:35pm
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Javier Hernandez’s rise to prominence was one of the stories of last season.

United’s signing of the Mexican came as some what of a surprise in April last year and from the brief glimpses we saw of him at the World Cup and then his performances during pre season it was hopeful we had unearthed a gem.

Hernandez’s stock continued to rise and as the season wore on he usurped the place of top scorer Dimitar Berbatov as he would go on to score 20 goals in his debut season.

Hernandez’s emergence should serve as hope to players who are looking to make that breakthrough and none more so than his United teammate Anders Lindegaard.

The Dane was brought in in January and having made some fleeting appearances for United during the season, the signing of David De Gea means it is likely that he will have to settle for a place as back up but he feels he has every chance of becoming united’s number 1 and will take inspiration from Hernandez last season:

“You have players coming to the club who are not huge signings and make their way.

“Chicharito was maybe the best player last season but he wasn’t brought in as a huge star. He made his way and he’s a real example of how to do it.

“There are a lot of clever experts in this game and that’s just a part of it. I don’t mind what the experts say.”


9 responses to ““Chicharito was maybe the best player last season but he wasn’t brought in as a huge star.””

  1. jonathan says:

    Good attitude from him. It’s probably a bit premature to say this, but I have a lot of confidence in Anders and his looked impecable from all that I’ve seen thus far.

  2. timbo says:

    Chicarito, like Van Nistleroy, is a great goal sneak, but he has little else to his armoury at the present – plus he has a very bad habit of getting himself unnecessarily off-side and wasting possession as a result. For a player with his pace and acceleration, that’s an unforgivable sin, and he needs to hold the line, trust in his speed, and just wait for the right moment to make a break. He also needs to learn to read the state of play better, but that will come with experience.

    As for taking the place of Berbatov, wrong. Alex “I only choose players on form” Ferguson showed throughout last season that where Rooney is concerned there are two sets of rules and standards, and they apply to everything where the lout from Liverpool is concerned, be they petulant wage demands, trade threats, vicious play on the field, suspension-inducing foul language, and physical threats to members of the public. And of course there was his amazing ability to hold down a place in the side throughout the first half of the season when he couldn’t get a goal to save his life and generally played like garbage. Given Berbatov’s play, and the startling emergence of Chicharito, it should have been the Berbatov/Hernandez axis given its head in attack, especially as they showed so much promise and understanding in the early part of the season. But no, against all logic and form, Fergie decided to drop the EPL’s form forward and play Rooney instead. Berba should have scored well over 30 goals last season, and would have had he been treated fairly and honestly.

    The double standards and the anchor that Roooney represents to the side came home to roost in the final against Barcelona, when the need to play Rooney deep behind another forward left United’s midfield ripe for the picking by the Catalan side’s midfield maestros, showing that Fergie hadn’t learned a thing from the previous debacle against Barcelona. In effect, playing to Rooney’s strengths (or catering to a highly limited player in the only role that suits him) exposed an underbelly that was always very vulnerable anyway – the team’s engine room. United need to ditch Rooney on any number of counts, because he will always limit United’s ability to get over the hump and play with an effective midfield against quality sides. When Keane and Scholes were in their pomp as a partnership United could get by simply because of their class and ability, but that kind of quality simply doesn’t exist any more at United, and Fergie seems to have no interest in dealing wit the matter at all. He’s a very limited tactician, and still seems stuck in a time warp where the only creativity he’ll allow his team is on the wings, leaving United playing a very one dimensional style of play that the better teams can counter, particularly through better midfield play that generally hands them the bulk of the possession – or by lesser teams parking the entire side in their own half and banking on the fact that United hasn’t the midfield quality or expertise to pick apart such a ruse.

    • gilbert03 says:

      and they won the league

    • the red city says:

      Chicharito has plenty to his game, you mate (timbo) have none.

      Javier has fantastic movement, he’s a good passer of the ball and holds it well, has great awareness, he’s strong with pace to burn, the kid is the hottest young forward currently anywhere in the world, a fantastic score-rate to go with fantastic ability.

      Javier is still learning everyday and will become a better player over time, he’s destined to be one of the greatest players in Utd/ global history.

      To claim he ain’t got much else is an insult, especially as you ain’t even good enough to be a pro foobtaller.

  3. Svet says:

    It is very rarely at present time to read such of comment. I can add something to yours, but will be
    deleted by moderator as usual.

    Great article

  4. Youths the way to go says:

    Chicharito > Messi

    Lindgarrs > P. Cece fucked up head after Hunt

  5. Ryan says:

    TIMBO- its true that Rooney has a bigger leash than others, and was shit for the first half, but to knock him, and hernandez to blow berba is abit dumb. While Berba did receive a bit of a raw deal, to say not starting hernandez at the end of the season is ridiculous (as we won the league and got to the cl final with alot of big goals from him). Also – berba/hernandez combo has provided a few lack lustre games from my memory. Rooney / Hernandez combo seems to click better