Date: 21st July 2011 at 11:43am
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As his LA Galaxy side prepares to face them this coming Sunday, David Beckham has moved to put Man City in their place by reminding them that there is only one team in Manchester.

Earlier this week Sir Alex acknowledged that Man City would be a threat in coming title races. Their financial clout along with the fact that they have European football next season means they will be able to attract a higher caliber of player but Beckham feels regardless of the players they bring in, they will never surpass Manchester United,

“They’ve brought in good players but they’re never going to be Manchester United.

“They might be a threat against teams this season but Manchester United have got the history and the silverware over the last 20 years.

“I’m a United fan so I’m always going to say that though.

“There’s only one team in Manchester. Manchester City may be a team to look at going forward.”


13 responses to “Becks: “They’re never going to be Manchester United.””

  1. Citizen Sid says:

    Yes Becks, there is only one team in Manchester, and one team from Trafford. Stop licking Ferguson’s a***, he sacked you years ago and doesn’t want you back. Stop living in the past, your time is over!

  2. Johnno says:

    Correct, we’ll never be a Man United, and we don’t want to be either. Arrogant, cockney infested glory hunters.

  3. king colin says:

    “There’s only one team in Manchester. Manchester City may be a team to look at going forward.”

    At least Becks got this bit right

  4. Jack says:

    Typical cockney red Beckham, doesn’t even know where Manchester is in relation to Stretford.

  5. Roger Mellie says:

    There is only one team in Manchester and that is Manchester City, the red lot are from a totally different City, Salford. The below youtube video may help you.

    • Josh says:

      You’re an idiot, the stadiums are almost exactly as far from the city centre as each other!!!!

      Learn to read a map and then come back and write a real message instead of relying on youtube to back your arguments up!!

  6. Mancunian pride says:

    City will always be looked upon by the world with pity as the ugly bitter younger brother. You’ll need to win everything for the next 30 years to be remembered as a club anywhere near as prestigious as united. 19 TITLES 3 EUROPEAN CUPS LADS, YOU BETTER KEEP SPLASHING THAT CASH IF YOU WANT TO CATCH UP THIS CENTURY.

  7. redeye says:

    utd, madrid and barca are on the top table, the milans, munich and juve table 2. city have yet to pass scoucers and london mob in global awareness.

  8. Wolf says:

    Can only think Stretford Dave realises you lot are in need of some reassurances. Keep up with the good Samaritan work Becks – looks like you’ll be busy for the forseeable future.

  9. Josh says:

    Is it just City fans that have nothing better to do than go on other teams blogs commenting on this article?

    No good news on your site?

    Get a life!!!