Date: 23rd July 2011 at 12:48pm
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Being at a club the magnitude of Manchester United is the ambition of most people who ever put on a pair of boots seriously.

Upon signing you often hear players say ‘it’s a dream come true’ or that they have fulfilled an ambition being at United and now they are there they can go on to win trophies etc.

Michael Owen is no different, last season he finally got his hands on a Premier League trophy despite having been in English football for 14 of his 15 seasons as a professional and following this he saw his contract at Old Trafford extended by a year.

Owen’s position at the club is a precarious one for a footballer, he is behind Rooney, Hernandez and Berbatov in the pecking order but whilst he may not like it, he accepts it and is willing to try and change this situation rather than walk away,

“I am at the best team to be at.

“Where would you go from here? Every game is important. The only way is down.

“It is exciting to be part of a squad that is always competitive.

“There are so many games in a season at Manchester United. We probably play 20 or 30 more than a normal Premier League side, so there are lots to go round.

“You never know when the manager is going to call on you and it is exciting to be part of that.”

Owen has scored in both of our pre season games so far so he isn’t doing his chances for this coming season any damage.

If he can stay fit and show this kind of form in front of goal when called upon his comments will be more than justified as it will mean he has been a part of anything we achieve.


5 responses to ““Where would you go from here? The only way is down.””

  1. George says:

    What a terrible decision to keep him another year, no idea how this fraud can have a premier league medal.
    We signed a player who had to promote what he did in the early part of his career through a brochure, because he knew he had done nothing since then.
    The part that really bugs me is that he wares the most sacred number on the back of his shirt, he could never ever be fit enough to lace the boots of a Beckham, Robson, Cantona, Best, Ronaldo et al.

    I hope that this year he does not get in the way of Welbeck and Macheda, if they are both going to stay this season then they need minutes, our starting 2 is pretty much set, Berbatov is 3rd choice, if Owen occupies a spot on the bench then we are restricting the minutes that our potential future strikeforce could be getting

  2. Ricky says:

    Owen still has a role to play both on and off the pitch. We lost a lot of experience this summer but Owen is a good person to have in the dressing room. Also its good for Hernandez, Welbeck and Macheda to train with Owen. Blanc has a big influence over our young defenders, like Ferdinand, O’Shea and Brown, when he was with us. Owen can do the same for our forwards. He has started well this pre-season and hopefully he stays injury free. I remember Sheringham having an Indian summer in the 2001 season at the age of 34. Maybe Owen can do the same this season.