Date: 31st July 2011 at 4:04pm
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The start of the season is just around the corner and what better way to start it than a curtain raiser against local rivals Manchester City.

Having won the FA Cup our meeting became an inevitability back in May but the fact we have known we would go head to head for all this time has done little to scotch the anticipation for the game in the United camp.

The last time we met City at Wembley, a solitary Yaya Toure goal put City on the path to win their first bit of silverware in over 30 years but as United face City next Sunday assistant manager Mike Phelan refuse to buy into any talk of revenge or even added importance because of who the opposition is,

“It is no different.

“It is a tasty one of course because it is the two Manchester clubs coming up against each other.

“But we may try out a few new things. We have a week to prepare.

“The FA Cup semi-final was disappointing. But this is a new season.

“We will have a look at a few new players to see if they can handle it and take us into the league. That is what it is all about.

“Manchester United is all about challenges. You get them every day. Next Sunday will be no different.”

This may be the case but try telling that to the fans who will inevitably be looking to get one up on each other so early in the season!


6 responses to ““We will have a look at a few new players to see if they can handle it.””

  1. HeavyRiffs says:

    Shame you’re potless, can see the legacy fading over the coming years…

    • GE says:

      Potless? Just because some Sheikh bought up the wastelands, hook, line and toilet bowl, you think United are potless.Lol…

      Still in United’s shadow…£500 million spent by Sheikh whateverhisnameis..and still not a squad as good as United’s!

      What does a classless man do when he wins the lottery? Buy chintz and bling!

      Good luck fighting for fourth, or fifth, or wherever it is you guys finish below us!

  2. leke says:

    Nooo fucking legacy is fading away….MANU will always rule Manchester and england..RED for ever….

  3. abe tobyreal says:

    Fuck fucking eastlanders. Spend all penny belonging to your blindfolded sheikhs and you’ll still be way behind. Wanna be big? You gotta start respecting and learning from those who are bigger—–MANCHESTER UNITED….. Red Devils forever..

  4. nippy says:

    Hasn’t SAF had pre season to try out new things? However….does this mean he could give Pogba and/or Morisson a game. Could be interesting, very interesting!

  5. had a great preseason can’t wait for the city game