Date: 8th August 2011 at 11:38am
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Yesterday’s Community Shield may have offered an insight into United’s future as the young and fresh faces in the team dominated Man City to comeback and win 3-2.

There were a lot of impressive performances yesterday with Cleverley, Welbeck, Nani and Smalling all receiving praise but an Arsenal legend has hailed one of the debutants and the part he played in yesterday’s win.

Ashley Young’s move to United was initially met with scepticism from some but he has shown in preseason that he can be every part a United player and Arsenal’s Martin Keown agrees.

Speaking in the Daily Mail the Arsenal defender lauded Young stating,

“Ashley Young impressed me and looked like he had been playing in that United team for months, not making his debut.

“He showed the ball to Micah Richards a bit too much on occasions but he looks such an improved player.

“He is composed in possession, uses the ball well and should thrive on the bigger stage.”

Young is definitely getting into his groove and as we continue to see, his delivery can and will cause problems. He will get a fair number of assists and his goal scoring isn’t bad either and I agree he may improve and thrive here at United.


12 responses to “Arsenal hero: “Young already much improved at Man United.””

  1. Red Mick says:

    Whilst i agree that the players mentioned here were good, for me Ando stood out as the best player on the park yesterday, also very impressed with Cleverley when he came on.

  2. RedFammo says:

    Now let’s get Sneijder………As this still is dragging on I think The Signing will benefit the current midfield as it will raise the games of Ando,Tom,Carrick & Fletcher & unlock even more potential bcoz of the fierce competition in that area & Sniejders success rate with freekicks is ridiculous…..

  3. Truth teller says:

    Anderson requires to be mentioned the most he is the man of yesterday game but could not do it along as long as that lady is there with him mickel carrick i cant possibly understand if ferguson cant tolloret vida and ferdinan for their mistakes yesterday how one eart he let

    this mickel carrick for the last entire season destroying our midfield he is the only problem we have throw him to trash that flow worth nothing

    he cant hold the ball, carry the ball forward, cant tackle this is why he is always injury free, doest run between the beech, doesnot have

    spirit of a man better to promote ladies underwear

    Tom is the solution we are looking for we don’t need sneigder or any other expensive bitch

    use Anderson/Tom

    or anderson/fleture

    • Kieran says:

      I’m sorry, what does any of this mean? I can’t understand a single word of it…

      However whilst Anderson is hopefully going to be a good player for Utd this season there’s no need to just throw Carrick away – there are plenty of occasions he can help to control the game and strength in depth is always welcome

  4. tsox-lela says:

    yes carrick is destroyin our midfield i dnt knw y alex lyk him btr sll him instd of gibson

  5. karlomu says:

    i was impressed with the link play and free flowing football in the second half ando rooney welbeck young nani smalling cleverly all linked so well phil jones looked great too his standard of passing was so good i didn,t think he was that good a player before yesterday in terms of passing its looking good for next season did we see fergies vision of what his team is gonna be and does this mean no sniejder

  6. redeye says:

    Carrick slows everything down and is too slow in support of his pass. Had his time.

  7. James says:

    Ashley Young will improve his game a great deal with Man Utd. He is an attack minded player and will be a great threat down the left. I think in Young and Nani we have potentially the two most dangerous wingers in one team.

  8. Ryan says:

    i agree. thanks Michael Carrick, but i’ll take Anderson / Cleverley instead. Clev looked forward, where no more and more carrick passes backwards and gives the ball away too much

  9. Fergie's gum says:

    Those calling for Carrick to be sold cos of Cleverly performance are missing d point.d key to our recent success is depth in squad

  10. Nippy says:

    Cleverley / Anderson could be a great future pairing, Sjjniejdeijeder just a bonus not an essential