Date: 21st August 2011 at 11:46am
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Last season’s game against Spurs was a controversial one as Nani’s cheeky goal (as well as some unsurprising idiocy from Gomes) saw United run away 2-0 winners.

United would go on to remain undefeated at home for the rest of the seson but tomorrow we face a big test as United, with an extremely young back line, takes on a Spurs side brimming with confidence following their 5-0 drubbing of Hearts on Thursday.

So ahead of the game we had a quick chat with Harry Hotspur about the state of affairs down at The Lane:

1. Old Trafford was a fortress last season, can I get a score prediction?


2. Who should we be keeping an eye on?  And who will you be wary of in our team?  

Kranjcar’s gonna getcha but we will be very wary of anyone in a red shirt.

3. Do you still have faith in Gomes or should he get the push in favour of Friedel?

Gomes is occasionally world class, occasionally an octopus that’s had most of it’s legs amputated. Friedel isn’t available for the whole of September, he’s going on a SAGA holiday.

4. Been pretty quiet on the transfer front for you but with Adebayor and Diarra coming in will these players help you get back into the Champions League?

We lack not just players mate but all too often a winning mentality. If we find someone selling that somewhere we’ll rock the kasbah.

5. Speaking of transfers will Modric stay or go? Don’t think the riots did much to change his mind!

That’s unkind. The flickering light of a burned out cop car can be quite romantic of a night. I think Modric needs to grow a pair and our manager wants to shut his cake hole.

6. If the Diarra deal doesn’t come off we have Gibson available at a cut price of £5m, we know Harry is adverse to all that tactical nonsense so all he’ll have to do is tell him to shoot!

The boy Gibson, eh? I’m afraid we’re only interested in Arsenal off-casts but do appreciate the kind offer!

Harry was kind enough to want to hear my incoherent babbling too and that can be read here


17 responses to “Harry Hotspur speaks on the Champions League, Modric & Gibson”

  1. RealMadYid says:

    Other words, lighten the fuck up.

  2. calebray says:

    i personally do the harryhotspur thing because no-one on there acts like you lot just have.

    Posting vitriol about each other whilst representing spurs on an opposition blog?

    Come one boys and girls – no wonder half the footballing world thinks spurs fans are twats, half of them are by the looks

  3. Pat lambe says:

    Spurscocksucker would be more apt

  4. Shomie says:

    August 23, 2011 Yummy!! I like your dresset idea! I actually don’t have any interesting concoctions haha. I’m not good in the kitchen quite yet so I pretty much try to follow a recipe all the time! I need to try OIAJ…as soon as I have an empty pb jar that’s my plan