The changes to take United back to Europe’s summit?

Second, the midfielder that often defends and compliments the regista is the distruttore or in English, destroyer.

He disrupts the rhythm of play for the other team and wins the ball back for his. His doesn’t shy away from a tackle, fully committed in challenges even if it runs the risk of him picking up 10 yellow cards in one season.

There are two types of distruttore: one’s primary cause is to just disturb the opposition play and lay the ball off to the a more creative player to create something for the team or there is the midfield dynamo, who is filled with energy and gets up and down the park sometimes carrying the ball from one box to another and when he doesn’t have the ball he fulfils his duty as a destroyer.

Roy Keane has probably been the best distruttore/dynamo Manchester United ever had and he’s departure left us in a big lurch.

There was recently a racism storm in France where it was alleged that some of the top brass in the French FA wanted to produce more home grown talent which were white since they wanted more intelligent players.

They thought the black players were only good for running about and ruffing up players. And as you can see from their current crop of talent, they have a massive amount of players in the same mould of distruttore/dynamo. Like, M’Vila, Fofana  etc.

I think that if we buy one of each then we will rectify our away form and with it maybe become the Champions of Europe again.

I feel that the regista signing should be Ganso because even though he plays as a fantasista, playmaker for Santos, the way he plays is more suited to the profession of regista. He says himself that if he touches the ball more than two times he feels like he has failed as a player and this is important as a regista as he is required to move the ball on quickly and accurately.

He is also Brazilian and he can easily fit into the squad because there are a lot of Latin players like Rafael, Fabio, and Anderson etc.

The distruttore role is a bit more difficult to choose because we have Pogba who is a midfield dynamo but he is too young to be a force in the first XI right now so who should get the role?

Anderson has shown he is more than capable at playing that role but he has shown that playing further up field he can be a force as well as score goals.

At the top of the summer I thought that Lassana Diarra would be a brilliant signing but that didn’t materialise and maybe it was best because it looks like we can cover this role from within the squad but the special responsibility of the regista needs to be addressed immediately.

But how are we going to incorporate these players into a 4-4-2 formation? I think that there’s a better formation for it…

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6 responses to “The changes to take United back to Europe’s summit?”

  1. Matty says:

    I think you’ve been playing too much Championship Manager and looking up tactics on Wikipedia. Best leave the management to Sir Alex. At least he knows what he’s doing.

    • bling says:

      I’m with you an this one.

    • United_Redz says:

      I only thing I’ve learnt from FM is players from obscure countries. All of this I learnt from watching Italian football and reading loads of articles about Carlo Ancelotti at AC Milan. I can understand where you are coming from, though.

  2. Jack says:

    i think we have need to sign 2 central midfielders for a long time one defensive and a playmaker.

    but fergie seems to know what his doing and has won plenty in the last few years and so he wont be panicked into making a desperate buy. but theres still a chance all be it slim but one of his targets becomes available before the window shuts.

    if not i get the feeling that we might try and tied Ganso up to join in January.

  3. the red city says:


    another playmaker aint needed, Cleverely’s a playmaker and a fantastic lad, we still got Giggs as well who is a legend and Danny boy looks the part.

    Defensive mf, Fletch gets the job done just fine, another ain’t needed, we can play Ando there aswell, jones can play there and we got Pogba in reserves.

    The team in perfect for the season, good enough to retain the title and got the pedigree to challenge/ if not win europe.