Date: 28th August 2011 at 7:12pm
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When I saw the Arsenal squad today I was bemused I thought we would win but never did I think we would humiliate them 8-2.

United smelt blood and went for the kill so let that be a warning to any team that comes up against us and isn’t on their game.

Was great to see Welbeck on the scoresheet again, as you will know I have a lot of time for him so was sad to see him go off with the hamstring injury.

De Gea again showed his class today and made a vital few saves. They will only build his confidence whilst a hatrick from Rooney again puts the shadow that was masquerading as him last season in the shadow.

Ashley Young was my player of the game very lively got hacked but kept going and scored two peaches.

Nani’s effort has to be my favourite goal of the night. At the start of the game Arsenal were shouting ‘HOOF’ when we cleared the ball so for this one we decided to play the ball out from the back and after a succession of neat passes Rooney found Nani who cheekily lifted the ball over Szczesny for our 5th.

Here are some of your thoughts taken from our Facebook page:

brutal performance… should have got 10 – Patrick J

Nani was dreadful – Tomasz M

Best players: Young and Rooney.. C’mon, I still don’t have words to describe it, a day to remember. – Allan M

Best United game for a long while – young squad with pace and the right attitude – exciting times ahead. – Gary W

Not even the most die hard united fan saw that ass beating coming! – Blaine R

My MOTM: Wenger for not changing his tactics even after being completely outplayed in the 1st half…I mean it was clear as day that united were running berserk behind the defence… – Nawal S

Agree with Tomasz to some extent, he was selfish at times for the miss and kept running at the defence with his head down and hence missed on a crucial few passes…after beating the FB quite a few times he seemed bereft of an end product… – Nawal S

But there is no way he was dreadful…as long as Evra is there in the team…’dreadful’ will be the default setting fo him. – Nawal S

De Gea became a man – penalty save and about 5 other saves to boot. – Shakir C

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3 responses to “Talk of the town: Your thoughts on the 8-2 win over Arsenal”

  1. bakrima says:

    I have said many times that Wenger is dragging Arsenal down the drain. He is really destroying arsenal. Never talking about improving the squad> Never talking about signing a world class player . his only concern is money . wenger is really sick and sickening .Of course he will not resign , where will he go ? who will accept him. It is time for the Arsenal fans to rid Arsenal of him and from all members of the board who are sitting idle getting their salaries

  2. Tonka Norris says:

    Unfair to label Nani or Evra “Dreadful” or anything else derogatory. It’s a team win and all contributed to it.

    But it’s true that Nani’s downside, and the reason he will seldom get picked ahead of Valenzia, is his decision-making. In a rout like this it was inconsequential but there will be games ahead without that safety margin and such selfish play will cost us dearly.

  3. PIP says:

    At the risk of being boring, I still think we need more strength in midfield.
    Lay off Nani. Some of the comments are out of order. He nay be greedy at times but he’s good, very good.