Date: 30th August 2011 at 10:41pm
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News today that Owen Hargreaves could be on the verge of signing for Man City was met with a mixed response.

Having been released by us this summer after an injury plagued 4 years it was thought that Hargreaves could be on his way to West Brom, but today it emerged that Man City were shock suitors for the England midfielder.

Having become somewhat of a cult hero for his part in our double winning 07/08 season, I’m sure we as fans were nearly as disappointed as he was every time he was penciled in to return and didn’t appear on the teamsheet on or that he was scheduled to play but suffered a set back, so rightly there was some anger when it became apparent that he could be on his way to Eastlands.

Hargreaves has worked hard to prove his fitness this summer going as far as to release videos on YouTube to demonstrate that his body is up to the rigours of football but it appeared few were willing to take a risk beyond Sven Goran Eriksson, Roy Hodgson and Tom Soehn, manager of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

It has emerged that Hargreaves was desperate to remain at Old Trafford and even offered to play for free but the club turned down his offer, so how angry should we be that he is now set to sign for rivals Man City?

Earlier this summer I looked at a players loyalty to his club and to himself and this is another ideal example.

Hargreaves has been out of the game for since 2008, I don’t count these numerous false dawns and reserve appearances and I’m sure he doesn’t either. Looking at the press this summer it appeared that he would have to take a massive step down to continue his career.

Going from playing for Manchester United to the likes of Leicester, West Brom or Vancouver Whitecaps wouldn’t have been easy, especially as he had gone to such efforts to prove his fitness so the fact a team like Man City have come in for him must feel like Christmas to Hargreaves.

Although he apparently had offers from Aston Villa and Tottenham, Man City are the obvious option as they are a team on the rise not only domestically but also in Europe and offer the best prospect for silverware.

Another case for him to join them is the fact that we released him. He offered to play for free and we turned him down so essentially he was free to do what he liked regardless of past allegiances, whether we agree or not.

As my fellow blogger Rob B pointed out he isn’t the first person to do it so why has this move evoked such anger? Denis Law made the move and isn’t regarded in a negative light, Mark Hughes went over there and isn’t as chastised as Hargreaves has been but why?

Some are calling him a mercenary, claiming that he is simply going for the money but surely you must agree that he believes if he is fit he will break into their squad. A fit Hargreaves would easily be amongst their top midfielders and if he was good enough to do a job for us why not them? He clearly has faith in his ability to play at the top level thus he rejected Eriksson’s offer to play Championship level football.

So is it a simple case of loyalty?

Throughout the 4 years Hargreaves was at the club we stuck by him despite the injuries. As mentioned there were various relapses and injuries that kept him from playing again. Other clubs would have cancelled his contract but we continued to pay his wages.

He was with us long enough to understand the needle between the two clubs and also saw how it has grown over the past few years so even though we rejected his offer to play for free would it have been a sign of good will not to sign for our local rivals and biggest title threat?

As disappointed as I am, I can’t fault him for joining City. They represented the best deal for him financially and in terms of on field prospects. He could have joined a lesser team but that is an impossible ask of a professional.

The fact of the matter is we released him so he was free to do what he liked. I wouldn’t tell an ex girlfriend who she can or can’t go out with. Once we split up her business is her own and the same goes for Hargreaves.

Saying that I can totally understand the anger directed towards him, he knew what he was doing signing for them so if he is boo’ed, and it is likely he will be, it will be as a result of his actions.

But what do you think? Are you angry at Hargreaves for joining Man City

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44 responses to “Is the Owen Hargreaves hate warranted?”

  1. MCFC says:

    Err, Etihad Stadium please…..

    Play for the Rags for free ??? ha ha ha..

    • Yosh says:

      Cant see him wanting to do that for your bunch. Ones trash is another’s treasure and all that lark. Enjoy our shit, Shitty! 🙂

    • jose says:

      It doesn’t bother me that City have taken another player SAF doesn’t want, Always wanted to see him back in a united shirt, but I’m fed up waiting. By the looks of things sitting players in front of the back four isn’t the way Fergie wants to do it. Playing 3 DMFs is more for City. Just cos he’s jogging on a treadmill on youtube doesn’t give me any confidence he’l make it back to the field any time soon. but glad to see city taking up the costs for him.

  2. Gary says:

    You are a dummy how is he being disloyal, we released him. If you got let go by burger king would you feel bad about going to mcdonalds for a JOB!!!! no so quiet you absolute wool.

    Would have hated to see you when Rooney nearly got of to em.

    • Yosh says:

      Tevez wound a few people up. Lets face it when it comes to City allot of people are willing to throw a lot of respect and honour out the window. You have to understand something here Gary, each player understands what it means to the fans when they switch to a rival team. After all the stuff that has come out his own mouth himself about the fans, and then for him to turn around and do something that he knows will upset those same fans he spoke of and who worshiped him is a tad bit disloyal. No?

  3. red mick says:

    I disagree a little with the article… surely wba,or spurs would of been better for a man who has spent 3 years on the sidelines, earning a fortune for doing nothing…. surely he wants to be playing regular first team football in the latter years of his career? Although, as points in this state, The bitters are an attractive proposition at the moment, and its ideal for him as he already lives in the area… I can’t wish him luck, as I’ve supported him for 3 years, making contributions that helped pay his wagrs, and he’s given nothing in return in that time. But I don’t hate him, because the move might just make sense for him…. and because of that free-kick against Arsenal!!

    • Chudi says:

      Then in that case Michael Owen shouldn’t have signed for us! A player of his quality deserves to play at the highest level.

      In the same boat as you, not going to wish him luck per se but won’t wish injuries on him like some either!

      • red mick says:

        well when you put it like that…..!!! Even with no knees he’s better than Barry, so I guess i’m just frustrated, coz you just know he’ll end up being injury free this season now….

    • paul says:

      red mick is a bit of a bell end methinks

  4. dibils says:

    i am not angry, i am disappointed

  5. jim says:

    No way diblis you cant use the disapointed parent line on him thats harsh

    • McfcGuvnors says:

      Hi jim, just wondering how long it takes you to get from your home in london to your team in Manchester, sorry Salford . Cheers jim

      • jose says:

        Mayb Man city havin no supporters in London explains why they can’t half fill their allocation down their, even for games against Chelsea and Arsenal, too tight to get a bus? Obviously those couple hundred are the supporters Nasri went to City for. LFMAO, bla bla bla its not the money its the great supporters, JOKE.

      • red mick says:

        Just wondering how bitter you have to be, to hide behind your computer screen in the early hours of the morning trying to insult another clubs fans on their own forum? THE CITY IS YOURS,THE CITY IS YOUUURRRSSSSSS, 20,000 EMPTY SEATS…. ARE YOU FUCKING SURE

  6. jim says:

    oh i heard sumut bout his injuries being in his head any1 knw anytin bout it

  7. william says:

    I am a long time fan of OH and wish him the best except when he plays the Team.
    Why did Sir Alex refuse to accept his offer of play for pay? If he is now healthy, he would have been ideal sitting in front of our back four.

  8. Polo says:

    The wheels have fallen off at the swamp, like rats deserting a sinking ship. How the mighty have fallen.

    • French M says:

      You sir are an idiot!
      How can the rats be deserting a sinking ship if
      A.) WE released him on a free even when he offered to play for free
      B.) We just won our 19th League title and were in our 3rd CL final in 4 years

      Keep going after our cast offs sir, like boasting about stealing my bird but in reality you simply kissed her after she gave me a blow job.

      • Yosh says:

        Mate don’t entertain him. Clearly wishful thinking. All you have to do is take one look at City and it is clearly evident they are just a bunch over paid re hashing of mainly Manchester United and a little bit of Real Madrid. No culture, no heritage, no class. Etihad my arse!

        • jose says:

          Nasri offered to play for less at united, OH offered to play for free, but to play for City they need £200,000 per week, yea they really want to play for City, After all they won a Cup.

  9. Yosh says:

    Not angry but I hope he gives City more of the same as his final 2 years at United. All promise and no product. Tugging on every fans heart strings, leading them on. Then BAM retires with a overweight bank balance and not once ever having to enter the pitch on match day. 🙂 Good Luck Hargo!

  10. william boland says:

    i think you will find that all football contracts are guaranteed. United couldn’t cancel his contract if they wanted to. So don’t act like they are some righteous club and were doing him a favour.

    • jose says:

      didn’t cancel it just didn’t renew it for good reason.

      • William Boland says:

        That is not what I am saying. The article states that other clubs would have cancelled his contract with all the injuries. United could not do it without paying up his contract in full. The writer was trying to make it look like United are a gracious club with unbeatable loyalty. Ask Roy Keane if that is the case.

        • Chudi says:

          Mike Grella just had his contract cancelled at Leeds, under circumstance I’m sure you’ll find they can be – Management

        • William Boland says:

          I think you will find that they will have to have settled his contract in full, unless he agreed to have it cancelled for less.