Date: 14th September 2011 at 1:21am
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United fans have long sung about our very own white Pele.

Since Wayne Rooney captured Old Trafford’s imagination with a hat trick on his debut against Fenerbahce in 2004, he has continued to enthrall fans with his brilliance.

A player of supreme ability, he has often shown on field that he is amongst the world’s best so, although in jest, United’s fans refer to him as the white Pele.

And it appears Sir Alex Ferguson has heard the chants too as he too has declared Rooney United’s very own white Pele,

“Look at Pele, he was a very aggressive attacker as well who could look after himself.

“So can Rooney. There are similarities that way in strength, speed and determination.

“But he is white, completely white.”

Ahead of United’s game against Benfica in the opening tie of this year’s Champions League Benfica boss Jorge Jesus has also praised the inform striker claiming his is the best:

“Rooney is the best British player so far.

“But he plays like an Argentinian or Brazilian. He can decide a match in the last third of the field. We will have to pay great attention to him.”


2 responses to ““Rooney is the best British player so far.””

  1. Oyvind A says:

    Well, Rooney is great no doubt about, but to me he has never played “like a Brazilian or Argentinian” He is a typically British player if you ask me.
    And the best British ever ? Yes, I certainly think so.

  2. shina says:

    rooney is a perfect player i strongly believe that he deserve world best.