Date: 15th September 2011 at 2:57pm
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Following last night’s draw with Benfica, Sir Alex’s post game interview hit the headlines as he hit back at a ‘stupid’ questions that had been asked by Kelly Dalglish.

Dalglish had asked about the contentious goalkeeping situation at Old Trafford and whether Lindegaard’s performance would affect Sir Alex’s selection on Sunday as United take on Chelsea.

Being the daughter of Liverpool manager and rival Kenny Dalglish, Sir Alex’s response was always going to be blown out of proportion so judge for yourself was he unduly harsh? Or was Kelly Dalglish fishing?

This isn’t the first time Sir Alex has shot down a silly question, he did the same after the Champions League final in May

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5 responses to “VIDEO: Sir Alex’s ‘outburst’ aimed at Kelly Dalglish”

  1. Sausage man says:

    Kelly Dalgleish is gorgeous, Her voice is so beautiful. I miss seeing them juggs on sky sports news

  2. Pete K says:

    How was his response harsh? I don’t think there was anything wrong with her question to be honest (she’s paid to fish for an angle) but there was nothing wrong with Sir Alex’s response either. The English media just keep trying to find fault with him. They just can’t stand the fact that the wily old Scot can always see through them and their agenda.

  3. marky boy says:

    Women in sport its a GRAY area!!!

  4. Robv says:

    I think SAF drinks too much. It is a part
    Of his condition linked with his age, etc.
    Why does he need to become irritated?
    I get concerned about his thinking here
    And worry about his future.

  5. Michael says:

    excuse me SIR, what a muppet