Date:21st September 2011 at 11:57am
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Fresh off scoring two goals in Manchester United’s 3-0 over Leeds, Michael Owen has set his sights on more playing time at Old Trafford.

Owen started his first game since January and duly rose to the occasion grabbing a brace meaning he now has 11 goals in 12 starts. Sir Alex heaped praise on him and he himself has signalled his intention to fight for a place at the club,

“I’m not content if I’m not playing.

“I get criticised a lot with things like ‘you don’t play, you pick your money up’ and all the rest of it but I’m not proud of that fact.

“I want to play all the time.”

At 31, Owen is far from the old player he is made out to be and he has a few more years playing at the top level judging by his performance yesterday. He himself wants to carry on playing at the top level and sees Old Trafford as the ideal stage for him to showcase his wares,

“I believe I’ve got a few years left in me and I’d love it to be at Man United.

“For that to happen I’ve got to be involved because the manager wouldn’t want me sitting round and I wouldn’t want to sit round if I wasn’t part of the squad or part of things.

“As we stand now we’ve been playing four or five weeks of the season. We’ve only had one game a week so he hasn’t rotated anyone really.

“You could count all the players out there today and not many of them have had much action so hopefully now the season is under way and we’re playing twice a week the whole squad and not just me will get more of a chance.”