Date: 23rd September 2011 at 11:25am
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The story of Owen Hargreaves time in Manchester, although not complete, is as intriguing as any best seller penned by the likes of Grisham.

A favourite at Old Trafford before injury curtailed his career, his part in United’s double winning 07/08 season is fondly remembered or should that be was as Hargreaves, now 30, crossed the divide upon being released by Manchester United and resurfaced at the Etihad Stadium in the blue of Man City.

Despite his best efforts Hargreaves was able to muster no more than 10 minutes in various attempted comebacks for United’s first team, the 45 minutes against Burnley’s reserves in 2010 offering us false hope, so why did he completed 57 for Man City against Birmingham in the Carling Cup this week problem free?

This morning you will have read Owen Hargreaves declaring that Manchester United used him as a human guinea pig when it came to treating the tendonitis that kept him out of the game for 3 years. He feels that wrong decisions were made with his career and if he is right then he is levelling massive claims of ineptness at Old Trafford.

He also claimed he informed staff that he wasn’t fit enough to play in the ill-fated return against Wolves. Carrying to muscle tears he claims he was still sent out only to break down minutes into his comeback. This yet another massive claim that paints United in a none too favourable light.

Of course United sent him to the world renowned surgeon Dr. Steadman in Colorado in order to sort the problem, Steadman is known for saving the career of a number of athletes so obviously there was a seriousness about United’s attempts to get him fit but despite United’s efforts the claims he has levelled at the club in the interview are enough to leave an extremely dark mark over us.

Hargreaves’ departure has divided fans; some were not fussed about him leaving and joining Man City whilst others were angry that he picked Man City as his destination despite the ever growing rivalry between the two clubs and this latest revelation is set to further polarise fans as some will sympathise whilst others will view these claims as a slight on the club.

Me personally, I’d just like to hear United’s response to such serious allegations.


5 responses to “Hargreaves’ allegations beg an answer”

  1. Louis says:

    Must say I’m disappointed, very ungrateful of Hargo. Used to be a big fan but any good will is gone.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m disappointed in Hargreaves. I had hoped he do well when he left and I wasn’t fussed he joined Man City. However he seems to want to burn his bridges with Man Utd. Any goodwill towards Hargreaves is gone.

  3. pete says:

    the advertizing on this site is making my browser crash. It feels like 2001 all over again. As much as i like the editorials i am off to pastures new.

  4. malvachat says:

    I feel this is a non story.
    To say one of the biggest clubs in the world
    “used him as a human guinea pig”is laughable.
    Pay £17 million then use an asset in such a way??
    Maybe Utd doctors made wrong assessments.
    So what??
    He was happy to go along and pick up his wages.
    I’m not sure Hargreaves even said these things,putting utd in a bad light.
    We all know how the press spin things.
    As to signing to City?
    Fair play to him.
    He wants to play.
    I hope it works out for him.

  5. hello says:

    whts wrong with this site? no further posting huh?
    we need more, we need to read about United.