Date: 13th October 2011 at 11:45am
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It seems there will be no let up in the feud between Sir Alex and Rafa Benitez, despite Benitez no longer being in direct competition.

Sir Alex most recently sniped ‘He (Benitez) is jobless and not my friend’ and now the Spaniard has fired back claiming United’s success is down to money and not Sir Alex, who enters his 25th year in charge in November.

The Spaniard ran Sir Alex close in the 08/09 season with Liverpool but ultimately came up short but despite this, he told BBC Radio Merseyside:

“You can be the best in the press conference, but after, if you have a bad team you will lose. It’s easy to talk about mind games when he [Ferguson] has a good team and he has won, and that was the case”.

When it was argued that Sir Alex was the main reason for United’s success, Benitez retorted,

“No, I think it’s the money they [Man United] were spending. If you analyse the transfer record and the history…Rooney, or Ferdinand, for example…£30m! £30m for a young player or a centre back. Every year they [Man United] are very well-off. It’s not just because of the interviews or the press conferences; it’s because they had money”.

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9 responses to “Bitter Rafa Benitez back at it”

  1. Joe says:

    20 Million on Aquilani. Fact.

  2. wiuru says:

    We make a good buy per season ! he made 2 or 3 bad buys per season . He wasted club money remember that farce with robbie keane ! He won the CL with the nucleus of Gerrard Houlliers Players . A bitter joke of a manager Rafa still looking to place blame elsewhere ! Clubs in line to sign him as their manager Lol! Didnt shirk at taking the Pool to the cleaners for personal gain . A joke of a manager and a very poor one at that !

  3. jonathan says:

    Well, numbers don’t lie, and it shows that LFC spent virtually identically to United during the time Benitez was in charge.

    To quote the author in one of his comments in the second article:
    “The truth is, between 1990 and 2010, Liverpool have spent MORE than Man United on transfers, and have no league titles to show for it. The impact of a brilliant manager is there for all to see.”

    • wiuru says:

      @ jonathan thanks but why let the truth get in the way of Rafa’s deluded arguement. Trouble is there are still scousers who believe him !

      • jonathan says:

        haha, I know. Funny thing is that virtually every comment on those posts are from LFC supporters arguing against the author (a LFC fan) and irrefutable plain facts.

  4. Andrew says:

    Rafa Benitez is the biggest joke in football…FACT!!! Its not an accident that he is still unemployed. He was in charge of Inter for 6 months and they’ve gone back like 10 years. He outspent Ferguson during his spell with Liverpool, but he kept buying crap like Nunez, Krompkamp, Aqualli, Gonzalez, Keane and Riera.