Date: 16th October 2011 at 11:00am
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Hands up if you saw the starting line up and almost gave up the ghost?

Any fixture against Liverpool is massive and today was no different. United visited Anfield on the back of some suspected defensive displays and apparently the ‘resurgent’ Andy Carroll and in form Luis Suarez were set to take advantage of this and our ‘weak goalkeeper’ David De Gea.

It didn’t quite work out like that as our defence held up to what Liverpool had to offer and a lot of that was down to the last line of defence in keeper David De Gea.

The Spaniard has come in for some serious stick since joining us and despite solid displays people still seem intent on questioning him. I expect after today he will have changed some people’s minds but there will still be those who still have questions about him. His save against Suarez after the striker had turned Jonny Evans was monumental just as his save from Kuyt’s effort after Javier Hernandez brought us level.

I hope those who were ready to write off Rio Ferdinand are reconsidering after today’s game. Although he ‘was at fault’ for Liverpool’s goal (Adam dived, Rio is innocent!) he was largely solid and looked a lot fitter moving around rather than the ‘stiff’ performances we had seen previously. I still think, Ferdinand has a lot to offer and going off today’s performance he does too.

The question had been asked and asked and asked and today we got an answer as Phil Jones got a run out in midfield and I for one was impressed. Jones stomped around trying to impose himself on Liverpool and prevent them from getting into any kind of rhythm and didn’t do too bad a job. Won’t throw my hat in the ring and declare that should be his ultimate position but wouldn’t be against him getting a few more run outs there.

Danny Welbeck being selected to start today will boost his confidence massively. In such an important game being selected to start up top whilst the likes of Hernandez and Rooney sat on the bench whilst Berbatov didn’t make the squad will let him know that Sir Alex does have faith in his ability. He tried hard today even if everything didn’t come off for him, and he got an assist for himself nodding on the corner allowing Hernandez to get an equaliser from close range.

Here are your thoughts from our Facebook page:

Ogunfowoke A: I thought Man Utd would be beaten black and blue but to my surprise we managed to earn a point and that shows the spirit of CHAMPIONS GGMU.

David D: Thought we’d lose when I saw line-up. Happy with a point

Stevin S: We could’ve done waaaaaaaaay better! The starting 11 wasn’t fit for a team when versing one of our fiercest rivals!

Nick S: Thought we underestimated them again at Unfilled. Stars= de Gea, Young and Chica for his spark when we came on. Got out of jail!

Abhilash S: Thought Smalling had a very strong performance.

Alom M: Terrible team.. Terrible formation.. Terrible tactics.. BRILLIANT result!
To go there and play so badly and still come away with a point is awesome, especially as we’ve lost there 3 years in a row.
I don’t know what Fergie was doing but it was a strange game to experiment with Jones in midfield.

Jonathan W: I know “In Fergie We Trust”…but that doen’t make him infallible. It was a poor selection and as Lionel in the post before the game accurately predicted there was very little creative dynamic in that selection. The CL game next week is no excuse for holding back on almost all of our creative players. We should’ve played 4-4-2 or if it was 4-5-1 to ensure Nani was included as a more likely goal-scoring midfielder. We’re lucky to have the point.

Mick J: You don’t go away to our fiercest rivals and be open,we did that before with Rooney, Berba and Tevez and we got beaten. Jones was brilliant breaking up the play and I’d have him in there before Carrick any day. I thought the back five were good especially de Gea who is going to prove all the doubters wrong. Welbeck did great work as well and if Giggs hadn’t turned his body from the ball they wouldn’t have scored. All in all a good result.

Blaine R:  I usually have nothing but trust in Fergie’s decisions, but I was at a lost for words when I saw the starting 11. No Rooney, no Nani, no Chicharito in one of the biggest games of the season? Missing our best midfielder so far in Anderson. It looked like a team you play against a random Champions League team, not one of the biggest teams in England. With that said though, a 1-1 draw away at Anfield isn’t a bad result.


3 responses to “Line up and result: Your views on United vs Liverpool”

  1. Yosh says:

    Cleverly and Anderson in the centre I believe was our most potent midfield. I think each players control with the ball prior to Rooney and Nani coming was horrific. There were times where players just weren’t expecting the ball when they should be switched on just outside the Liverpool box. That changed as soon as Rooney and Nani came on. In saying that though I am extremely proud of Welbeck, a little bit disheartened by Rio and Giggs (for the freekick) all though I am sure that won’t last for long. Patrice Evra seemed to have shaken off whatever was making his standards slip recently, looking a lot more positive not at his best yet but getting there. As for De Gea, well thats just what you get for 17 Million. Beginning to look like we stole him, some trophies this will confirm that we stole him.

  2. voice of reason says:

    People its a season not a cup final.
    Selectio was right to wht Sir Alex had in mind. The stategy was to contain them fustrate them and their deluded fans and kill them in the climax. It almost worked.

  3. redeye says:

    Team just did not have a balanced lok about it.Lucky to get a point.