Date: 21st October 2011 at 12:23am
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With the Manchester Derby just days away you would expect United and City fans to be at each others throats.

The game pits two undefeated sides against each other in a real top of the table clash but one thing unites both sides.

Carlos Tevez is probably the most unliked man in the city right now with both United and City fans not too fond of a man whose name both teams used to sing.

Having declared his dislike for the city, Tevez has offended not only football fans but Mancunians in general so Betfair are giving you the chance to purge yourself of him by trashing your shirts in exchange for a new one!


3 responses to “PICTURE: Manchester unites ahead of the derby”

  1. RedScot says:

    its probably me, but a bit oh gaiety is not a bad thing .Live and let live i say. its only human behaviour.You needed to be in Lisbon to see the Benfica game and the aftermath.
    Ffs wear a Tevez shirt …. really? Home nudist here with tan allover tan to suppport this!
    Dont ask for a piccie! lol
    Cmon United lets put the Ciddy in their place, below us.

  2. RedScot says:

    Calm down Dear, we dont want your forum to go into meltdown do we!
    Jokin Boss.