Date: 25th October 2011 at 12:27am
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There will be no autopsy.

Manchester United’s defeat at the hands of Man City on Sunday was as humbling as it was humiliating as the noisy neighbours announced themselves in what was dubbed ‘the biggest Manchester derby ever’.

Following the game individual players were singled out for abuse and whilst nobody is above being criticised some of the abuse flung at our players seems to present the view that they weren’t bothered by the result.

I’d disagree, all of the players that wear United’s shirt know what it means to be a red and they too will have been just as embarrassed as we the fans feel. There isn’t a single player that turned out on Sunday or at the club that won’t have been hurt by the result and sometimes we need to remember that.

Gary Pallister was a top defender and he was part of a United side that handed us our first league title in 26 years but he too was on the end of some shellackings, notably the 5-1 loss at Maine Road in 1989 so he knows exactly what the mood will be like at the club as he told The Telegraph,

“As well as the 5-1 defeat at Manchester City, I also played when United lost 5-0 at Newcastle in 1996 and there is no doubt that such losses are humbling and humiliating from a player’s point of view.

Within that, Sir Alex will remind the players that they are still largely the same team that delivered United’s 19th league title and played in a Champions League final last season.

He will also look at the game and remind everyone that, before the sending off of Jonny Evans, United were the stronger team.

But he will expect all of his players to motivate themselves after the City defeat because every one of those involved will have had their pride hurt badly.”

The defeat should be used to motivate us but it may not be an immediate response. Following the 4-1 loss to Liverpool in 2009 there was also a loss to Fulham but there will be a response.

United didn’t lose any trophies on Sunday and as long as the players still understand their responsibility as United players I don’t think the City result will have any lingering effect.


11 responses to ““Every one of those involved will have had their pride hurt badly.””

  1. Juan Sheet Dos Plenty says:

    I’m sure they will be hurting.

    They are football players, it’s their job, and central to their self-image.

    They were shown to be not very good by more-skillful, better-paid football players from across town, in front of their own fans, the Glazer family, the haunted eyes of Gary neville, and a worldwide audience.

    Try to imagine how they’re feeling. Before this, they were flash, superinjunction-getting gods. Now these debauched millionaires feel like lumpen football journeymen.

    Confidence and a winning mentality turned out to be just hollow bravado. It dissappeared as silently as the “34 years” banner.

    Its a much-needed lesson in humility. City have hammered every team except Fulham this season, I can’t understand why Utd underestimated them so badly.

    Utd fans should enjoy their new underdog status. At least City fans will stop saying “tick tok” now.

    • ricky says:

      Have you lost your fucking mind—United bossed this match when they had 11 on the field…Yes they lost 6-1 but don’t you believe for a minute that CIty are better than United 11 vs 11. There will be retribution–and i can’t wait you wanker!!!

      • Mike says:

        United bossed this match when they had 11 on the field……bless

        • ricky says:

          The point being made Mike is simple…Yes we lost to City–Yes we we where the match of City when we had 11 on the field–Yes going down to 10 men and chasing a goal let us vulnerable at the back—Yes Evra et el lost their minds in the last 3 minutes of the match and City scored 3—AND yes City still have Pool and Chelsea to play –which will likely see those 5 points pulled back some at the half–And yes United historically play their best in the 2nd half of the season—6-1 or 5-2, who really cares considering the above…It’s 3 points and that’s that…United will win this league… Noting is won in October–NOTHING!!!

  2. Hmmm says:

    The only problem with what Pallister said is the fact that they were one nil down before the sending off and the back four of City had them in there back pocket. All the possession in the world doesnt count for nothing if you cant get it in the back of the net. 20 minutes of possession and one shot on target, say no more.

  3. EddieC says:

    This is a like a slap in the face, Utd must wake up now. Dont mention “we are the better team before the sending off” anymore, there is nothing true about that, we cant even get into that box at 1st half, even you got 100% of procession, you still lose the match.
    And Yes, Utd haven’t lose any trophies on this match but Utd loss the pride and dignity, that is the most important part of a team !!! From the boss till the player on the field, they should felt ashamed of this lose and from there pick them self up and find back the pride and dignity, most importantly in-front of City !!!

  4. Sandy999 says:

    City weathered the so-called storm, after 15-20 minutes in which Utd mustered a couple of harmless shots. Thereafter City dominated the midfield and thereby dominated the game. They were already leading before the red card and hard Balotelli not been fouled, City would have been 2 up on their way irrespective of what happened to Evans (who looked like the worse player on the pitch). Only the deluded thinks this battering came about because of the referee: Anderson and Fletcher, as a 2 man midfield, lacked both numbers and quality to compete. The outcome was inevitable. Play the same teams tomorrow and the result would be the same. City were magnificent. United were not.

  5. Manurule 24/7 says:

    If you are a true man utd fan then u will all know in the long run this will only make us stronger…yes city one Nd they deserved the win but this in a way only puts more pressure on them they hav 2 keep it up cause we will be right behind thm every step of the way…Nd let’s face it man utd all perform better under pressure

  6. Adam says:

    It was painful and very embarrassing. Its not something we are use to at all. At Old Trafford we are usually strong but we just lost the plot on Sunday. Its obvious that all Man Utd fans will be getting buckets of abuse and banter for the result. All the Man Utd haters had there day on Sunday and they are living it up.

    Can we recover? You bet your ass we can. Ferguson is still the master and I don’t care what anyone says. He will rip into the players and demand a response. I think a bit of the fear factor will even come back. What we have now is a run of games until January that we need to face head on.

    We have only played 9 games so far. Won 6, drawn 2 and got smashed in 1. The key is the fixtures we’ve had, which includes Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. We’ve also played away at Stoke. Those are 6 difficult games, as is Bolton away in the years gone by. Norwich gave us one hell of a scare and they have matched up to Chelsea, and drew against Liverpool. They are a useful team as well.

    All games are difficult, but what Sunday result has done is given the players no excuses or reason to relax now. Complacency isn’t an option anymore because Ferguson won’t allow it. We have to get back on track against Everton and that will be a big test for the players. Its a difficult away game for us and we have to respond. If we win against Everton then we will have the confidence to go on a strong winning run.

    The balance of the team isn’t right, but I think he will make changes and try and keep a settle team for a while, in the league at least. Michael Carrick isn’t anyone favourite, but he will definitely be back in the team against Saturday. I also see Tom Cleverley returning to the team alongside Carrick. In the defence I believe Ferdinand will be out of the team, but Evra will survive. Vidic and Jones will the centre, with Evra and Smalling at full back.

    Whatever team we select will have to respond and Man Utd will have to react to the hammering we took on Sunday.