Date:4th November 2011 at 2:00pm
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In light of last night’ s episode on Twitter involving Ravel Morrison I, like numerous other people, found this piece from Keith aka The Mancunian Red quite refreshing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. – Ed

No doubt there will be many who say he has already had numerous chances and he should realise how lucky he is, he has the world at his feet. Who wouldn’t want to be where Ravel stands today? How many times have we read I would give anything to be in your position

Let’s be honest why do we care about Ravel Morrison? I’ve never met him, probably never will, I certainly don’t know him. But thousands if not millions of us care about him because we know he has a special talent. We know he has that wonderful gift in him that can lift our day and make us feel great. Help our team win titles, and may be even Champions Leagues and to get those hairs on the back of our neck tingling, to take our breath away with magical moments. In other words we know he has the power to improve our lives! We have already seen him do this and know we could be seeing him do this for the next decade and a half. This is why we care about Ravel, it is purely selfish.

If we accept this should we not take a few minutes just to think about life from his perspective in general and be a bit more understanding? Like every other teenager he is going through the process of trying to understand himself and why he thinks and feels as he does. And to change things about himself he may not want, but this is not easy and in fact most of us still haven’t been able to stop us feeling things we wish we never felt.

On top of this he has to do it under the microscope of the media  due to his talent. I’ll be honest I couldn’t have coped if virtually everything I did was known by tens of thousands of people. And it must be very frustrating to him that people think they know him due to a few public actions.

Dealing with emotions and feelings that are intense is very difficult.

Being critical of people can also be a way of boosting our own ego’s. Ravel may have the talent but emotionally and rationally I’m on another level to him. Well perhaps you are, I’m not!!

Ravel take your time, develop at your own pace and don’t be too hard on yourself and remember you owe no one but yourself. You learn and try to be the person you like, the rest doesn’t matter!

George Best once said I find football easy, natural, it is the rest of life I find difficult!

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