Date: 16th November 2011 at 11:30am
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The ‘Phil Jones in midfield’ debate continues to rumble on. 

Whilst it is agreed that he will end up at center back, there are still some who feel he would do a job in midfield.

He has been tried there at various points this season including last night against Sweden and has further fuelled the argument as Jamie Redknapp told the Daily Mail.

Redknapp, who also agreed that Jones would eventually end up at center back, even had time to pay him an off hand comment comparing him to Steven Gerrard,

“Centre back will be his position.

“But if you have to play him in midfield, put him in the holding role when he can see the game in front of him.

“He looked a different boy to the game against Spain, where he looked lost.

“That was almost Steven Gerrard-like when he drove forward with pace and power. He has a very big future.”


9 responses to ““That was almost Steven Gerrard-like when he drove forward.””

  1. Tgan says:

    Dream on!!!!…………..Next it will be Rooney is nearly as good as ‘Suarez’……embarrassing or what!!!

    • nory says:

      No need for him to be steven gerrard because he will end up winning nothing or none EPL title..n rooney don’t need to be nearly as good as suarez because he doesn’t have to cheat,dive or sulking like him..

      you can keep your beloved players than won’t win you anything but we’ll keep our players that’s for sure will win us the trophies..

  2. Sir Alex Ferguson says:

    I ain’t a Liverpool fan but your talking about the biggest scum, cheater and violent ogre in the world ‘Rooney’ that’s why he is on a ban. But Phil Jones on the other hand is a massive talent, future England captain but not a Stevie G. Steven Gerrard carried England in the world cup that’s why I think he should be respected and he’s the only real talent from the so called ‘England golden era’.

    • Frankie says:

      Scum? Cheater? Violent ogre? If you add ‘past it’ then it sounds like a description of Gerrard.

      Or you could add ‘racist’ and it would be a description of Suarez.

  3. Matt says:

    nory. What a great response. I suppose using your implied logic of trophies = greatness that Park Ji-Sung was head and houlders above George Best.

    Oh, and don’t talk about the relative morals and behaviour of players when you bring Rooney into the equation.

    • nory says:

      really??I thought Rooney is a scouser,isn’t he?? look like players that are from Merseyside have problems with their attitude..carragher,suarez etc etc…

  4. Kev says:

    @ Tgan

    Since when does “That was almost Steven Gerrard Like….” translate into “He’s better than/just like Gerrard in that position……”???

    Now if you look at the instance refered to(it was the driving run forward where Jones almost scored with the outside of his right boot) where he picked the ball up in MF (Like Gerrard would), powered forward (like Gerrard would), was very direct and drove very straight toward the goal (like Gerrard is/does), had enough pace/power to break through the middle of a slightly high back line (as Gerrard does), and missed (like Gerrard sometimes does) =D

    How is that so ‘Un-Gerrard like’??

  5. Aadescholes says:

    @Tgan Rooney won’t be as good as Suarez because he is bad at missing goals..You will always dream on alone boy

  6. frxr says:

    Suarez is from Uruguay not merseyside you tit.