Date: 25th November 2011 at 10:21am
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Sir Alex Ferguson has stated today that it is unlikely that he will bring in reinforcements in January.

There have been calls from some to bring in fresh faces specifically in midfield whilst former United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich stated United would put themselves in better stead if they brought in a defender in January (?).

But in his press conference this morning, Sir Alex poured water on the idea stating:

“It’s not easy to buy players who are good enough for Manchester United, especially in January.

“We’ll be okay, we have a strong squad”

This comes after Sir Alex revealed Anderson has sustained his annual long term injury, this time a knee injury that will keep him out until February.

With our midfield not in the best shape already, the long term loss of Anderson is yet another blow.


10 responses to “Sir Alex won’t be shopping in the January sales”

  1. Stu says:

    Time for a young man called Morrison to climb on the stage me thinks!!!!

  2. terry winstanley says:

    If this is the truth then United can forget about winning anything this season as we are not strong enough, our central midfield is pathetically weak and we need in strenthened, to be honest with you losing Anderson I dont see as a blow as he is just not5 good enough to ever wear a United shirt but he is a liability if united want to win matches in my opinion then at home especially we should play like we used to kill teams with 2 of our wingers just running up and down the flanks the whole match staying as wide as possible which would easily stretch all of the teams and if we also had a good central midfield that would give us the security of going forward down the wings all of the time with pave then putting killer balls into the box, this way I feel we could beat any team in the premier leaguse playing like this at home but we must strengthen in January unless of course the truth is that the glasers have nicked all of the money? nothing would surprise me with those idiot owners who dont care about our club at all.

    • Red Devil says:

      Terry W – it would help all of us if you used full stops, commas and so on when you write in otherwise it becomes a mouthful and difficult to read, thanks!

  3. Harshal says:

    If SAF does want midfielders good enough for MU, especially in january, he should just look at Atletico Bilbao.
    If he wants an attacking midfielder, its Iker Muniain. He had an absolute blinder against barcelona.
    If he wants a D. Midfielder, its Javi Martinez. He shut down any sort of counter that barcelona tried.
    People like Messi had a difficult game because of him which says something.
    These players will be eligible for UCL as well, if they are signed.

  4. Red Devil says:

    Yes I agree that United do need someone in January as the midfield has been weak for some time now.
    Tom Cleverly’s injury has had a more serious effect on the midfield than most would have expected and the others have just not been up to scratch particularly Fletcher who looks a poor substitute of his previous self.
    Anderson has also disappointed and to my mind failed to cement a place in midfield and whenever he does play, he sprays passes around to everyone but his teammates, immediately putting the opposition on the attack with United’s players having to scurry back to defend!
    So who if anyone Sir Alex has in mind – and surely he cannot just dismiss the January transfer window because the players he would like to bring in are not available – he must at least bring in 1 player to supplement midfield because if midfield is poor or none existent then United will not put fear into any team and that could spell disaster, hopefully I am proved wrong.

  5. kamikazee87 says:

    “It’s not easy to buy players who are good enough for Manchester United, especially in January.”….LMFAO, at any time of the day, we can get millions of midfielders who are better than any of our current midfielders..

  6. MUdslinger606 says:

    doesn’t excuse not going out to buy a quality midfielder last summer… 20/20 hindsight doesn’t come in to it, fans have been saying so for sometime that that is an area that really needs a look at.

    as it is, i’d be against making a signing in jan. many of the players we would go for would be unavailable. though there are some quality players not involved in the champs lge, i’d prefer we didn’t force ourselves in to an expensive purchase and instead looked at a widest range of players possible in the summer for the best option for us.

    we’ve been setting records in the champs lge for a while now and we’re probably due a thumping, if only to make our vulnerabilities in midfielder a starker issue.

    in the meantime, lets give pogba and morrison a run in the team…

  7. karlomu says:

    midfield needs to be addressed alright with anderson and cleverley injured we,ll have carrick who is starting to play well and could have a great season for us and become a different player one we wouldn,t trade for any other midfielder. then we have fletcher who needs to find the form he had which made him a key conponent one whos absence in the cpl final in 09 was seen as a reason we got over run in midfield that night.then we have giggs who can turn a game at any moment and then theres park who has played in so many big games in which we won and was lauded for he,s heroic energy and tenacity. four very good centre mids in my opinion

  8. ES175 says:

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