Date: 26th November 2011 at 5:55pm
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United’s 1-1 draw is a little hard to swallow considering the manner of Newcastle’s goal.

What most people with eyes deem a clean tackle by Rio Ferdinand was blown up, initial we thought it was for a corner. Instead it was punished with a penalty.

So here is the tackle, decide for yourself.

I trust you have two working eyes and will be able to make a rational decision unlike Mike Jones and John Flynn.

GIF courtesy of The Life of Pouya


38 responses to “GIF: Since when is this a foul?”

  1. jetelinho says:

    Bernstein´s job ´well´ done???????

  2. BlueScott says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a few more scoops than the rest of us! I’ve read your last post twice and it simply doesn’t make sense. So, rather than laugh at your inability to string a sentence together (you are a jock, after all) I’ll simply state the following:

    Yoonited have had 20yrs of relative domestic domination. This fact doesn’t make you or your fellow “supporters” any better than any other, so climb down off your pedestal dickhead.

    Smug fans are second only to smug foreign fans…

    You need to recognise that any team can be “a threat” for you to “recognise”. Like Newcastle, Man Citeh, Stoke and Liverpool. All of whom,I believe, have been threatening enough to take points off the might reds in the last few weeks. Maybe if your team had “recognised” those “threats” you might be top of the league instead of being in 2nd…LOL!

  3. RedScot says:

    Are you watching football or being a creep?
    Tell me the score with…

    • BlueScott says:

      The case for the prosecution rests, Your Honour. Have a coffee Jock and come back when you’re sober enough to post something sensible.

      • RedScot says:

        My point was made ages yer highness, yer a fucking doughnut. That gloats and imagines, how can we win cups and be happy.
        The prosecution, you prick and Odios

        • RedScot says:

          I have to go, soz darling.Away to write something to wind up the City fans and Rat munchers.
          you will read it.I promise you.XXXX

        • BlueScott says:

          I’m going to give up trying to make sense of the angry and bitter ramblings of a drunken jock. In your own tiny mind you’ve probably made your point quite eloquently, although you might not be quite so cocksure in the morning. Anyway, keep pretending to be a loyal soldier in the red army (even though you clearly don’t even attend the home games) and keep on thinking that makes you better than your fellow supporters of “lesser” clubs. Thankfully the proper supporters at OT don’t have to put up with pricks like you…night night jock xxx

  4. RedScot says:

    So the mighty Barca can be pit to the sword, bye lil Getaffe

  5. Alom says:

    Terrible decision..!!

    That and the “offside” goal at the end!!

    also i cant believe we couldnt put away another goal considering all the attempts we had on goal..

    just one of those days i guess.. -___-

  6. CollyhurstRedArmy says:

    Only two teams in that game, MUFC and the officials.

    Newcastle didnt even get out of their own half.

    Nothing more than a scandalous robbery.

    MUFC still the team to beat.