Date: 27th November 2011 at 6:19pm
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Darren Fletcher has echoed Sir Alex Ferguson’s words on Friday by reaffirming his confidence in United’s current midfield.

The area has been somewhat problematic for a number of seasons and has been a contentious subject for fans used to seeing the might of the likes of Robson and Keane.

On Friday, despite a long term injury to Anderson and Tom Cleverley being out until Christmas, Sir Alex stated he would not be dipping into the transfer market this January to strengthen the midfield.

And Darren Fletcher agrees with his manager’s decision stating United have a more than capable midfield;

“We’ve got quality midfield players and I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

“We have been successful with the midfield and the squad we’ve got.

“I’m not going to say it’s an insult for people to suggest we don’t have enough flair or creativity in midfield because they are entitled to their opinion and are going to say whatever they wish. We can’t control that.

“If we start thinking about that then it’s obviously going to affect us on the pitch.

“We’ve been at Manchester United long enough to realise that criticism is always going to be there. It’s part and parcel of the job.

“But we have got players who create in wide areas, in forward ones and in midfield as well.”


5 responses to ““We’ve got quality midfield players, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.””

  1. RedScot says:

    Cmon Lads think this through.Darren is hardly going to say we have a crap midfield is he.Nor is the Boss, it makes no sense to slag off, what we have.
    Would you want a Samir Nasri at United 200k, per week upsetting the dressing room with that sort of wage.A player who has never kicked a ball for United tipping up and being paid that?.
    Lou Macari said it best on MUTV.Show me the player that is ‘available’ that ‘wants’ to come to United.Not for the money.The priveledge of playing at ‘our’ great football club.

  2. unitedFixation says:

    True, the lads need to have confidence in themselves. At the same time we are entitled to our own opinion. Also hardly any United fans would say that our existing midfield is crap (except Gibson), we have always asked for reinforcements rather than replacements (Gibson again). Some extra spark in midfield woudn’t go amiss. Plus a couple of midfielders – one a genuine proven world class midfielder in the playmaker mould, and one young midfielder for the future to develop alongside Cleverley. That should ensure enough cover for the midfield.

  3. Lexxy says:


  4. John Tring says:

    Sorry, do the Scots down a good few shots of, ahem, Scotch, before they “comment” or “opine” on matters? Of course Fletcher will support his boss. After all, he gets a hefty pay package for “playing” in midfield, that by all reckoning, is the worst among the top ten sides in the league right now…Park,Carrick, Fletcher all scare the hell out of opponents all the time. Add the new-found messiah Cleverley ( don’t get me wrong: he’s a decent prospect but that’s all ) will cure all. And oh, the scariest thing of all is that Gibson is now suddenly on the bench again. What a joke. And results don’t lie. League gone by Nov and CL is about to go…Long live Mickey-Mouse Cup.

  5. Oren says:

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