Date: 8th December 2011 at 8:55am
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Following last night’s exit from the Champions League, questions are again being asked of David De Gea.

The young keeper came to United with a big reputation and an equally big price tag in the summer but some shaky performances have left some doubting him.

Anders Lindegaard won a number of backers with his performances on the US Tour and when called upon since has been largely reliable so there are some that would prefer to see him between the sticks but Arsenal stopper Wojciech Szczesny has urged that patience is shown with De Gea.

The always vocal Pole took to Twitter to defend his counterpart after his error lead to Basel’s first goal saying:

“I don’t agree with the De Gea criticism. He’s potentially one of the best goalkeepers in the world but needs time to get his confidence at Manchester United.

“You have to perform at your best every game when you play for big clubs and when De Gea is at his best he is UNREAL! Give him some time.”

At 21 years old and just 16 appearances, it appears some have already made up their mind on De Gea and post match a number of fans called for him to be dropped and bizarrely sold.

At 21 we knew we were buying potential and despite his errors he has shown, with work, he will be a top keeper and it is good to see a fellow keeper come out and speak in his defence.


5 responses to “Rival demands United youngster is given time”

  1. John Michael Rigg says:

    The guy is already the best goalkeeper in the Premiership…stop following the tabloid morons!

  2. John Michael Rigg says:

    And if anyone was to blame for last night’s loss, we should be looking at Rooney. He missed a sitter, he missed another couple of chances, and just left the ball behind on the edge of our box for their second goal. He looked resigned, lacklustre and not particularly interested. Is he trying to drive his price down for his new owners and summer move?

  3. Lionel says:

    He is clearly talented there is no doubt about that but when we bought him I knew that he would make some mistakes b/c of his age and inexperience in the premier league. I did say during the US tour that he wasn’t ready yet for the premier league, you can tell by his weight and I thought that a loan move would help him develope into a proper premier league goalkeeper. Anders Lindegaard has impressed me a lot and I have said that we should give him a real chance to be our number 1 but I wouldn’t start him on Saturday b/c that would shatter De Gea’s confidence but a loan move might help b/ at United these mistakes cannot happen.

  4. karlomu says:

    good point a loan move would be the best option lindegaard must get his chance he just seems more assured.evra should be droped his defending has been terrible he needs real competition at left back,love him when he,s goin forward but gives his marker too much room when defending.we are in a period of transition i didn,t think we,d do much in europe this season anyway.we need to link midfield with attack with quick pace on the ball like at the start of the season with cleverley,rooney and young all playing well so lets hope for a swift return to action from tom cleverley and our attacking play will be back on track.but without vidic i think the league will be a big ask for this team he was my player of the year in all european leagues last year by far and our reliance on him has been provin this season again.

  5. Adam says:

    David De Gea will be fine because he is at the right football club. Emotions run high, especially last night after the poor result. Some fans would have been screaming for De Gea to be dropped or sold, but in time they will realise that he is potentially a fantastic goalkeeper. Also at Manchester United we don’t give up on players that easily.

    Last night was a disaster and we can’t escape that. However we can’t turn on the youngsters as they are still the future of this club. De Gea is one of these players and we need to help him and build him up now. He will be kept in goal because Ferguson knows he needs to learn and gain experience. This is a vital season for De Gea and he needs to develop his game.

    We still have the league to try and recover and we will keep faith in De Gea, and the other young players like Smalling, Jones, Cleverley, Welbeck and Hernandez. They will also need to step up in the Europa League Cup and represent Manchester United. Its not a competition that Man Utd wanted to be in, or the fans are too interested in, but we have to go out now and try to win it.