Date: 12th December 2011 at 1:36pm
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With injuries hitting the squad hard already this season, Sir Alex Ferguson has stated he is unlikely to be bringing in reinforcements.

Javier Hernandez will be out for a few more weeks, Tom Cleverley may not be seen until the new year and Anderson and Nemanja Vidic are both long term absentees amongst others.

But Sir Alex rarely goes shopping during the January Transfer window and has stated he isn’t looking to do so this term either despite being linked with a number of names.

Despite his utterances, Nicky Butt thinks otherwise.

The former United midfielder spoke to the official website today about the team, and believes Sir Alex could be keeping his cards close to his chest with his comments,

“Every team can improve, no matter who they are.

“Even Barcelona can improve so I’m sure Sir Alex will sign players, whether it be in midfield, defence or up front.

“He’s always looking to enhance his squad.”

These comments from Butt will be music to the ears of many fans who will hope to see Sir Alex bring in a fresh face or two, especially in the midfield.


8 responses to ““I’m sure Sir Alex will sign players””

  1. kobir says:

    i think manu need to sign wesley sneider

  2. Ted Perechalli says:

    We need Sneider, a holding midfielder and a fullback. A good forward will help too.

  3. RedScot says:

    Opinions are like Arseholes everbody gots one.oppsie I meant like Butts.

  4. adisa says:

    We wont sign sheesh. Fergie has closed the books. Dont get your hopes up

  5. John Tring says:

    SAF said even though Vidic is out he won’t sign a defender in January. Note the “a” in here. Because he needs 2 or 3 defenders in January, not a defender. SAF’s judgment is now in serious doubt because only he thinks Evans can play in this team. Statistics will show Evans is directly or indirectly responsible for most of Utd’s goals conceded. Now it’s frightening to even think that this dud will play as Vidic is out…Clearly SAF has decided not to quit himself ( although that would not necessarily be a bad or impossible thing) but at least he should see what the whole world has been shown so brutally by the Basels, Benficas and Citys lately. The obvious fact that Evans,Park,Fletcher,Carrick,Gibson, the Da Silvas,Macheda,Berbatov, Diouf et el are NOT EVEN AVERAGE Players let alone top players. Even SAf’s transfer policy was bizarre. He bought an average winger in Young when he already has 3 of them. He didn’t buy a right back when Gary N was done two years ago. Where is his top midfielder? How desperate is it to play Rooney/Jones there? He brings on Smalling in last few minutes of a game when you desperately need a goal!!!

    • tom says:

      @John Tring….Your comment made me laugh so much, thanks for that. To think a fan of United thinks such things is quite disturbing for me to be honest. To say Sir Alex should step down is just hilarious, and most of the players you desribed as ‘not even average’ would get in near enough any side in the premiership. I’m not even going to comment on the fact you said we needed 2 or 3 defenders as that’s another ridiculous statement. I think you need to get a grip mate, as that is probably the worst comment on a UTD related site I have seen in years.

  6. Prasac says:

    If we buy defender in January where Vidic will play when he returns?
    And who will company him – Smalling, Jones or “January defender” ?

    We don’t need Sneijder. We must pay huge transfer fee and huge weekly wage and all he can bring is questioning short term succes but damage made in stopping Cleverley development would be irreparable.

    I agree that some of our players are not world class, but they are our players and we have to be behind them cos they are only we can afford for now.
    Questioning SAF was never smart thing – he didn’t buy a right back two years ago to not stop Da Silva development.
    Bringing Smalling on in last few minutes is tactically justified when you need a goal, high balls are used and Smalling is almost 2m tall.

    We didn’t lost to Basel because our players are crap.We’ve lost because lack of confidence.

    And after all – with all hard words used in the last few weeks about our players and menager quality – we’re just two f****n points behind City.

  7. jonathan says:

    I’ve felt for awhile that we need to look at the full-back position and a good holding midfielder. These injuries simply make the existing need more apparent. At full back we literally only have Evra and the DaSilvas – whom I like but are often injured. Our CB situation is not so bad so long as we actually devote those whom we already have to that position. Namely, lets keep Smalling and Jones there (espeically Smalling who is not a proper RB contrary to some praise he’s received).