Date: 10th January 2012 at 12:18am
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Long heralded as ‘King’ at Old Trafford, it appears Eric Cantona is ready to assume  a position of power in France by running for President.

Cantona’s attempts are still in their infancy, and the former United talisman needs the signatures of 500 elected officials before the end of February in order to run.

Cantona was seen as a firebrand on field and it isn’t something that has dissipated since his retirement. Last year he called for mass withdrawal of cash from banks which would in turn lead to a run on the cash reserves of the world’s banks.

Cantona would run as an independent individual so even if he did get the 500 signatures need, without the backing of a party his chances are pretty slim.

Saying that we’ve all seen Cantona produce magic so I wouldn’t put anything past him!


2 responses to “From King To President?”

  1. karlomu says:

    i hope he does it we need more people to help stop the german financial takeover of europe before its too late…

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