Date:23rd January 2012 at 12:06pm
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Following Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal, there was further cause for celebration as the Football Writers’ Association honoured two of the club’s legends.

Joined by a host of big names, Sir Alex Ferguson lead the tributes as Paul Scholes and Gary Neville were the first double recipients of the tribute award.

Sir Alex said of his former captain Neville,

“I think that Gary is a very forthright guy and speaks the truth and is prepared to say it and he has always been that way.

“There is no grey area with Gary, it is very black and white.”

This is a trait that has served him well during his career and even more so now as a pundit for Sky Sports.

This comes as a contrast to the more reserved Scholes, who Sir Alex claimed “doesn’t say much but when he says something it is worth listening to.”

Sir Bobby Charlton was also on hand to praise the duo saying,

“Paul and Gary are irreplaceable and the highest compliment I can pay them is that their legacy is as good as any who have played for this club.”