Date: 24th January 2012 at 4:00pm
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As Manchester United faced Arsenal on Sunday the north London outfit were fretting on the fitness of Thomas Vermalen and Thierry Henry.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had already confirmed that the likes of Mikel Arteta would miss the game whilst Bacary Sagna, Andre Santos and Jack Wilshere were amongst their long term injured.

Arsenal are a team often beset by injuries and every season their fans can imagine what if so and so hadn’t been injured, you can sympathise with them but in the same breath we too can often look back at the injuries we suffer and shake our heads.

This season is no different and as we try to keep up with Man City, worryingly it seems like injuries could derail our title hopes.

This year has been awful in terms of players missing. It has been a mishmash of long term injuries to players like Vidic, Cleverley, Owen and Fletcher, as well as injuries picked up that have continually wrecked our plans like those suffered by Ferdinand, Jones, Young, Smalling, Hernandez etc.

Against Arsenal we saw further injuries to Nani, who is said to have damaged a metatarsal and left the stadium in a protective boot, as well as damaged ankle ligaments for Phil Jones who wast stretchered off early in the first half. In the same game it was reported that Carrick and Rooney both picked up knocks but for the good of the team played on.

Currently we are reported as having 9 first team players out :










There is no chance of seeing Vidic and Fletcher back this season, Ferdinand’s injury history means he is unreliable whilst the likes of Anderson, Cleverley, Young and Owen have already missed chunks of the season.

Man United have managed to cope so far with much shuffling including the use of Michael Carrick as a center back as well as the employment of Smalling, Jones and Antonio Valencia at right back but it appears injuries are contriving to slow our title challenge down.

We appeared to be building up a head of steam with some good wins following back to back losses at the turn of the year so for further injuries to rear their head is a blow.

We knew the season would be tough missing our best defender in Nemanja Vidic but further injuries on top of that when we still have tough trips to Stamford Bridge, White Heart Lane and The Etihad as well as a visit from Liverpool means that we are really up against it and knowing our luck there are more to come.

The likes of Cleverley and Young should be back soon and Jones’ ankle injury may not be as bad as initially feared so we wait with baited breath.

Whilst Man City are resting at the weekend, we go to Anfield on Saturday for a 4th round FA Cup tie and whilst the game offers respite from the league, given the context in which it will be played, it threatens to be fiercely competitive.

I won’t hold my breath that another one of our players doesn’t pick up a knock or injury.

Man City’s spending and the size of their squad was always going to be tough to over come in our attempts to retain the title, these injuries are making the task all the more arduous.


5 responses to “Another Threat To United’s Title Aspirations”

  1. Dominic says:

    You should be grateful for the injuries to Ferdinand this season. When he has played he has been poor, misjudging crosses getting caught out of position.

  2. alfred B says:

    United’s training regime is to blame for the injuries. Why do you have fewer injured players at City and Chelsea for instance? I saw City players doing their physios and it was impressive to say the least. Our players appear trained too fragile.

  3. GoonerEris says:

    City may be resting this weekend but play Liverpool midweek (who still play United at the weekend). If anything has had the benefit of good fixture spacing this season, it has got to be United. Just take a look back at the way United’s fixtures went during the Christmas/new year run, compared with their rivals and it becomes clearer.
    As for injuries, its been like a curse on United this season and it is credit to Fergie that the squad players he has called upon have not let him down. The man is just a genius at that.

    • Chudi says:

      City play mid week then are free to rest all the way until next Tuesday when they play Everton.

      We play on Saturday then face Stoke on Tuesday, the point I was making is simple enough for a baby to grasp.

      I’m not quite sure what point you’re making in terms of xmas fixtures either are you saying we had an easy run of games?

  4. RedScot says:

    As much as i know the injury list as all of the United lads it’s heartbreaking to read.
    The killer for me I could have cried when I saw our Serbian captain crushed.To me that was ‘re-group time.Which our fabulous manager has done.
    We are nursing injuries like no other club in the Premiership and the ‘wanna-bee’s) slag United off for no depth of squad.Do me a favour.We have not spent near £500 Million in assembling our team.
    We are on their coat-tails.Credit to all the team, we often don’t deserve them, I feel.
    They are not there for the money(yes it helps, hugely).They are at United to win trophies and perform arts on a football pitch we can only imagine of doing.
    I support United and all the players.Bar Anderson.Jokin.partially