Date: 2nd February 2012 at 10:37am
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Paul Pogba made his Premier League debut against Stoke on Tuesday, showing glimpses of his talent.

There has been a huge buzz about Pogba since he signed for United in 2009 and even more so in light of news that his contract is running out, but as with every player fans are more interested in what he does on field.

He looked a lot more calm and confident against Stoke than he did in his previous Carling Cup appearances and it told in his performance.

Whilst he remains one of football’s hottest prospects, at just 18 he still has a lot of developing to do but outings like the one of Tuesday will undoubtedly help bring him along.

Following his encouraging showing, Sir Alex again spoke on his contract situation and as United fans you hope it can be resolved as soon as possible.


2 responses to “VIDEO: Highlights Of Paul Pogba’s PL Debut”

  1. RedScot says:

    Great montage of a player with ‘huge potential’.
    Let’s be quite clear that’s what Paul Pogba represents at this early stage of his United career.Thats not to put a dampner on what we saw against Stoke.It was a display of composure on the ball, strength in the tackle, 100% success rate in passes made.
    He did not arrive on the park, as we know for his ‘first’Premiership debut when United were comfortably 2-0 ahead. Rightly so those are the opportunities to blood the younger players, when the team is winning, the game is effectively put to bed.I like you probably have always believed the time too give the younger players big-match, game time,when the whole team is playing well.
    As the manager choose to do , in Pauls case.
    Naturally the manager makes the correct call.
    He does not want to throw a player on, ‘to destroy him’.If he is not ready.
    We were treated to a cameo of Paul, in a step up from Reserve and Carling- Cup games to a higher and more demanding level in a variety of ways.
    He did not look out of place, in anyway shape or form.
    However we should not expect, hail hail, the new Paul Scholes based on 20 minutes of senior football.This in my opinion will apply too much pressure to a lad merely learning his trade.
    For those that ‘knocked’ the short-term return of Paul Scholes, now you can see what he provides in the last few games.Paul will simply watch the ‘magician’ at work and learn.
    All around the Premiership are a range of talented youngsters bubbling under the first team,
    Alex -Oxlade-Chamberlain,Raheem Sterling,Aaron Ramsey as examples some will make it to the absolute top, some will chisel out decent careers below the pinnacle of being World class.
    For all the likely-hood we have one in Paul Pogba
    I think we might, and I certainly hope so.Its the United way to love our younger players to come good.
    Having listed a menu of names that have huge expectation hanging on their very name, there is for everyone one of those type of player a Theo Walcott.
    Promised so much, never ever truly delivered for Arsenal on the top-tier of football on a consistent basis.
    I sincerely hope Paul and now his ‘third’ agent during these contract disputes/negotations see’s sense and stays where is and our dreams can be fulfilled.
    Do the ‘United’ thing Paul.
    Please.Pwetty please.:)

  2. Andrew says:

    I think there has been a significant breakthrough with Paul Pogba contact situation. Hopefully he will commit his future to Man Utd soon. We have to be patient with his development, but he has a great future ahead of him. He needs to start getting minuets on the pitch, but I don’t think he will require a loan spell away.

    We have space for him in our squad now, and hopefully we will continue to bring him off the bench when possible. He should also get a his chance to start in the UEFA Cup against Ajax. It will be a great benefit to him for next season, which is when Ferguson will rely on him more.

    Paul Pogba and Tom Cleverley both have fantastic potential and can go a long way to solving the central midfield area. They could form a terrific partnership long-term. They both bring that youthful energy we have lacked at times. We have Anderson as well and he will hopefully continue to develop his game over the next few years as well.