Date: 3rd February 2012 at 11:10am
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Can’t say I’m anything but underwhelmed by this effort from Nike, and after the decent effort this season it seems like Nike have taken a step backwards.

I’m no Gok Wan but I think I’m not alone in saying the check pattern is ugly!┬áHaven’t got a clue where Nike got the idea for this design so I can only hope that it is indeed a mock up.

Think there will be a fair few of us avoiding these ones.


16 responses to “PHOTO: Are These United’s Next Kits?”

  1. Bred Red says:

    What a freakin’ load of rubbish.

    It reminds me of my Nan’s pinny.

    It also makes one’s eyes flicker, mosdt uncomfortable.


  2. Leroy Cain says:

    God, I hope not. They’re vile.

  3. RangeRooney says:

    Looks like plaid. They will look like lumberjacks

  4. Alom says:

    OMG i think I will cry if this is real..

    please oh please just be a concept

  5. ToneDiez says:

    If this is real then I want to know how long before we can leave Nike and get Adidas to design our kits. Nike’s kits are horrible, and this is the worst yet!

  6. United says:

    I aint buying this if its gonna be the official kit

  7. RedScot says:

    Ha Ha Am no “Gok Wan” Aye yer right.Yer Wan Geek.
    Joking obviously.
    Kits look like fricken table-clothes

  8. yo says:

    Allegedly its a tartan design to mark fergies achievements at utd. Hope its fake tho…

  9. Yardie says:


  10. Tony says:

    Looks FAKE… The “AON” & “NIKE” Signs are unequal on both the snaps. Gud PS job though.