Date: 5th February 2012 at 10:12pm
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Last week he was slated for his role in Liverpool win at Anfield, this week he is the talk of the town following some fine saves that ensured that United took a share of the spoils from Stamford Bridge.

David De Gea’s season gets crazier and crazier.

It’s always been said that he is an extremely talent keeper and hopefully following this save from a Juan Mata freekick more people will realise this!

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11 responses to “GIF: De Gea’s World Class Save”

  1. Miller says:

    great save indeed, de gea is number one for me

  2. SoccerLimey says:

    No doubt a great save and one of my top 5 ever, but the dynamics with him don’t change for me. Still a lot to prove.

    Consistency is a trait he has yet to show.

  3. Jimboo says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this was a wicked save, but the way he shuffled over to the wall side meant he had a chance of reaching it – if it had gone keepers side he would’ve been wrong-footed and blamed.

  4. Mitch says:

    It was a brilliant save, he is a great shot stopper, but it’s more a question of how he adapts to English football. He has not adapted quickly but he’s young and inexperienced. He showed today that he will become one of the greatest goalkeepers of Manchester Uniteds history, but he will make more mistakes; we need to give him more time and support.

  5. Aloy says:

    De gea saved my day,dis guy is immensely talented,,,fans dont know that one of the things that makes lindegard so confident is that he does not hav to deal with all the media stuffs de gea is dealing with…de gea will come good he is my no. 1

  6. RedDevil says:

    Great performance from him. He had been under great pressure from the media and from other football fans but he was brilliant against Chelsea. The saves he made from mata’s freekick and then that long range effort from cahill which he saved..pure class!…His confidence was sky high and he didn’t disappointed! He was my man of the match!

  7. Ian says:

    Why do people say “we know he’s a great shot stopper”? At the beginning of the season everyone was saying he was hopeless with long shots so everyone was having a pop from outside the box.

    on that free kick did anyone notice how Luiz dived over Scholes to get the foul. Just glad it didn’t go in after that.

  8. mike kama says:

    David De Gea is TOP TOP TOP TOP QUALITYYYYYY! He’s a bit nervous around big tall humanoids that shouldn’t be near him on account of Ferdinand and Co! That’s why I admired Vidic in that Center Half! Took control of any sort of mutated monster that growled in and owned them and made them his pets! Without him there’s noone to protect this keeper,coming from La La League! He only needs to buff up to build his physicality and confrontational confidence, because my goodness is he a great shot stopper! Best two keepers in the world are right here, give them time and stop trying to implode them from within, it’s not useful to anyone! Especially not this club!

  9. mladenManutd says:

    I have not seen better save in last 15 years..

  10. Xyth says:

    This the save of any season!!!!