Date: 7th February 2012 at 12:19am
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Looking beyond rivalry, Liverpool are becoming a very detestable club.

The way they have handled the whole Suarez/Evra affair has left a bad taste in the mouth of many, and some of their fans haven’t made it any better.

When we faced them in the FA Cup they made a point of booing Patrice Evra and one fan was caught on camera making monkey gestures at him, his only crime was to complain that he had been racially abused by one of their players.

The Tom Adeyemi incident further painted their club in a bad light and this won’t do them any favours either.

This fan can be seen here with Liverpool’s third kit with the words “Mr. Negrito” printed on the back at tonight’s game against Tottenham.

Gestures like this, whilst thoughtless and perhaps an attempt at humour, are inflammatory as well as insensitive.

Of course this is by no means an attack on all Liverpool fans, there are undoubtedly some who didn’t agree with their club’s stance during the case, as well as fans in Anfield in the end of January that didn’t boo Evra.

Picture courtesy of @GarethDParker


43 responses to “PHOTO: How Thoughtless Is This Liverpool Fan?”

  1. Norman Hunter says:

    Man Utd OBSESSED with Liverpool like Hitler was with Jews.

    • Red Mick says:

      And he took care of them, just as we have taken care of you.


  2. Adefex says:

    It’s obvious that the whole lfc is rascist. From coaching crew to players down to the fans. This is evident from the premature manner in which daglish, the players and the fans have been reacting to this issue of rascism. They are all bunch of rascist. To my fellow black, whenever u are been racially abuse in whatever language, don’t this fuckin white’s skin look pigery. Do to them whatever they do to u. “nigreto” to black race. “Pigrito” to white race. Well balance equation!

  3. Freddy says:

    Whats with negrito? Suarez admitted calling evra negro. Typical brain-dead lfc fan.


  4. Stefan Salvatore says:

    Have been a united fan like 4eva,hav alwys respected liverpool fc,infact i think Gerrad is world’s exciting skipper,but am embarassed with the way suarez is turnishing the great liverpool fans into.we shuld b competing 4 tittles coz futbol iz a beautiful game.BRING BACK THE BIFF.

  5. barlowma says:

    This picture just shows the complexity of race, football, and tribal allegiance.
    If the kid is black, and he reckons being a Liverpool fan is more important to him than stamping out racism, then that’s his personal choice, and you have to respect it, whether or not you agree with it.
    Everybody gets a vote. And we all get to say “I told you so” when others are proven to have wasted theirs.
    Ain’t no other way, sadly.
    Did anybody question why he’s wearing the Liverpool 3rd strip for a home game? That’s far more interesting than how he balances his tribal beliefs.

  6. joeisred says:

    Did you all see Rooneys wig on the pitch last night, someone said his head was walking, now i belive it, and his new buddy jb asked him if he could tweet Rooney said ofcourse I can at that point he climbed a tree sat on a branch and went tweet tweet tweet, he is really love in liverpool everton really adore him he is one step up from being a binman the twat

  7. joeisred says:

    You are a racist cunt, time you came into this century, tote that pole lift that bale ended a long time ago words are said on the football field man to man , this is a fucking joke if your black you take the high ground if you are white them then they are classed as racists what ever color you are it is time to fucking grow up, im Irish have been turned away fron b&b’s in england just because of my race and been called irish cunt or bastard, or paddy, evenn tho im irish I have served queen and country so it is time this was put to bed.

  8. joeisred says:


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    25 Nov 2010 – A brief update on Pigrito, officially the world’s cutest baby monkey GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

  9. Bluefin says:

    The other disturbing thing about this fans shirt is that someone actually did the shirt printing

  10. Klan Slayer says:

    And counting.