Date: 10th February 2012 at 2:34pm
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Having cemented his place in the first team, Danny Welbeck can feel like a senior at United despite being just 21.

He has come a long way from scoring that corker on his Premier League debut against Stoke, and now casts his eye over younger players at the club the way people did over him when he was breaking through.

Having worked his way up through the club from academy to reserves to first team, it is natural that Welbeck has an interest in the talent that will follow in his footsteps and a few have caught his attention.

Speaking to The Guardian, Welbeck hailed the likes of Paul Pogba and the emerging talents of Larnell Cole and Jesse Lingard.

There has been much hype surrounding Pogba since he joined from Le Harve in 2009 and this increased after an impressive Premier League debut against Stoke last month but the likes of Cole and Lingard aren’t so readily acknowledged by fans even if the coaching staff hold them in high regard.

“Not everyone is seeing the likes of Larnell Cole, Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba, who are just as good in different ways.

“Sometimes I train against Larnell and Jesse and think I’m playing against a little Iniesta and Xavi. I really hope they can make that step up.”

Welbeck also spoke on the now departed Ravel Morrison, wishing his friend well at his new club West Ham:

“It will be tough for him to ditch his reputation because everyone will have the natural instinct that ‘Ravel has done this again’, but he’s a good kid at heart.

“I really hope he can get in the Premier League and show everyone what he can do. I just wish it was at United.”


3 responses to “Welbeck Praises United’s “Xavi & Iniesta””

  1. RedScot says:

    Well said Danny.I bet when he is saying that, there is a glint of mischieve in his eye.That’s what I always see when I look at Danny that smile on his lips, but in his eyes as well.
    Of course he is bang-on-the-money when praising the young up-coming United player’s like Larnell, whom I think is just a box of tricks.Cheeky with his skill dinking in and out of defenders.
    In know way greedy and mouthy, from what I have seen of Larnell.Warren Joyce would not tolerate that attitude.
    Jesse Lingard, is a natural born goal-scorer.
    He again to me like Larnell just need to beef up, build muscle capacity to the full.
    Larnell in fact explained this after the defeat to City this week in the Manchester senior’s cup.
    He and the other players are going to continue trying to work hard, in the gym.To grow and develop.
    The greatest attributes they hold is the United nature like Will Keane,smart looking,clean and tidy.Speak with great manners and listen carefully to the questions when they are posed.
    Answer with considered responses.
    Well said again Danny spot on.I personally wish Ravel all the best also.Why bare malice to somebody you don’t know.
    Hay though Danny stop talking up Iniesta and Xavi, you aint going no-where.Dinnae get ony ideas, laddie.:)

  2. Tony says:

    I think they should keep on training i will like to see them in united squard next season

  3. CROoney says:

    how would he know how does it feel playing against xaviesta…