Date: 11th February 2012 at 5:17pm
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The Patrice Evra/Luis Suarez saga continued today at Old Trafford and I think it’s fair to say this round went to Evra.

We all hoped that it would be the game grabbing the headlines in tomorrow’s papers but Suarez ensured this wouldn’t happen when he refused to shake Evra’s hand at the start of the game.

Suarez would grab a late consolation goal for Liverpool but ultimately it would be Evra that celebrated as United ran out 2-1 winners, coincidentally Luis Suarez happened to be right beside him as he went to revel in the victory with the fans!

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26 responses to “GIF: Sweet Revenge For Paddy Evra”

  1. yuva seegoolam says:

    no you are wrong suarez is intentionally behind him .

  2. joeisred says:

    Who is Paddy for starters he is not Irish, African French, not Irish nonono He and Sir Alex’s are nothing but mouthpieces, ok so manu won 2-1 at what cost, Evra again is playing the poor me game Fergy says liverpool should sell Saurez that other person Rio named after a river or maybe he was concived in Rio anyway that does not matter FERGY stopped one of your young player from saying a prayer on the pitch does that not say something about fergy him being born in Goven and all, to anyone that would make him sound like a scottish bigot

  3. joeisred says:

    The FA should should come down hard on Evra for trying to start trouble, that was incitement, Fergy also should be brought before the FA he has a case to answer he is encouraging more hatred between Manu and Liverpool by making statements such as that, the comments he made did nothing but only to add more fuel hatred between these two clubs

  4. kieran says:

    evra celebrated the whole length of the pitch not just outside the tunnel. People are gonna think that he just did it because suarez was there.

    where does that horse faced cunt get off by the way? Petulance of the highest order

  5. Bill says:

    Evra is a disgrace to the game. Lies to get opponents suspended, tries to cause trouble in the tunnel, gain access to the opposing dressing room and to finish off tries to goad Suarez into a reaction at the final whistle.

    • lloyd says:

      Bill…. nothing about ol buck tooth draggging your once great club down…Can you explain how Evra lied…Suarez admitted using the words he did and then lied that it was meant as friendly gesture…in highly charged football match…on what planet are you scousers on if you believe that drivel…mind you given the IQ of most scousers why does it not surprise…Looks like Spuds are cementing CL place for next season…never mind there is always the season after next…that will be your year again…

  6. Davie says:

    Firstly well done to Man UTD with their win today well desereved. Watch the video again Evra has his hand up with all the other players then lowers it slightly when Suarez approaches and he then reacted in the way he did.The two players are as bad as each other on this occassion. Auld blose nose you should look at your own before you label other players a disgrace. Evra is no angel infact hes a dirty rat.

  7. joeisred says:

    Alex Ferguson should be brought up before the FA, regarding comments made after the match, also Evra for incitement, the manc’s don’t do nothing only spread hatred hope the nuts that were selling the magazines and shirts make the papers

  8. Gio says:


    • jetelinho says:

      YES MATE, U CAN HarDLY SAY IT ANY BETTER, it is precise / those scouse bastards are laughable, pathetic … there are no bad enough words to describe them (aren´t they in some family relations with the blue ulcers??? just wondering!) UNITED ALL THE WAY, ONE PATRICE EVRA, ONE PATRICE EVRA there is only ONE PATRICE EVRA!!!!!!!!

  9. joeisred says:

    And what doe’s that make you the lover of all nations, you are a racist go read the dandy ya twat

  10. joeisred says:

    De Gea sing Angels, now Evra is singing I believe I can fly, what next Fergy singing Little old wine drinker me, maybe Rooney singing the wind beneath my wig,