Date: 15th February 2012 at 1:51pm
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It appears Manchester United will be going ahead with the checked shirts we post a few weeks back.

This image, taken in what appears to be a Nike Town store, shows the kit along with Arsenal and Barcelona’s new efforts being modelled on dummies.

Whilst the checked pattern is not as pronounced as in the pics we posted, they still aren’t exactly appealing. As a subsidary of Nike I wonder what we would have to do to get a decent Umbro one?

Arsenal’s isn’t too bad whilst I’m undecided about Barca’s.

What do you think?

Picture provided by @Alexistar


26 responses to “PHOTO: United, Barcelona & Arsenal’s New Kits”

  1. Bolly says:

    Re the Arsenal kit it’s not black it’s blue. That were once known as the Royal Arsenal hence red White and blue. I do remember a kit in the 60s with red and white shirts, White shorts and White socks with blue hoops on them. Quite like this and the other two.

  2. jonathan says:

    Call me crazy, but I like it – especially since they toned down how pronounced the stripes. I may even buy one.

  3. Rapstyle says:

    Our seems a pajamas…it sucks!Even the other two are horrible.

  4. Musty says:

    what hapened to umbro designing united kits is always geting worse imagin red socks as for barca nad arsenal they also look horible the barca color combination wull look great on very tall players with athletic figure sayy ummm Messi

  5. Saul says:

    The checks are in honour of Sir Alex’s 25 years at the club

  6. a2165 says:

    I don’t care about arsnal n’ barca, but I like United’s

  7. mohd_4 says:

    red socks!!! and black for arsenal’s!!

    I think they should switch socks between the two kits

  8. Marching Red says:

    Now every United fan
    can feel like spiderman!

    Not a fan of the kit, tbh.

  9. Tonka Norris says:

    Those with more money than taste might buy one but not for me. Nike seem keener to create a cheap to make shirt than an atractive one.

    I still think an org like MUST could hijack the occasion with a ‘alternative shirt’. Or do what theydid years ago and just wear a scarf.

    The shirt was always a scam.

  10. swede says:

    To honour Fergie yes but it will insult all scots as that pattern is as bad or worse than the Burberry one. Nothing scottish about it at all unless it is the family pattern of the Dingles.