Date: 16th February 2012 at 1:35pm
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Latest reports suggest that Sir Alex has put his weight behind the appointment of Ryan Giggs as the next Manchester United manager.

Sir Alex and Ryan Giggs have both downplayed retirement, but we will have to face the inevitable in terms of both sooner or later, so will Ryan Giggs work as our next manager?

Giggs was linked with the Wales job following Gary Speed’s death but he chose to focus on his career at United, but if the same offer was made for the United hot seat, especially if the offer was coming from Sir Alex, would he be able to turn it down?

The midfielder is Sir Alex’s longest serving player, he holds the club’s record for most appearances and will have been in the first team at Old Trafford for at least 23 years by the time he calls it a day, so he knows how everything works. There is a good chance he would also have the backing of Sir Bobby Charlton as well which is important too.

When team mates and players on the outside looking in speak, he and Scholes are always held in high esteem and he remains an inspiration to younger players coming through so the current crop, as well as those coming in and those being promoted from the academy will enjoy working under him.

There is a reasonable list of players that have enjoyed success as the helm of their former clubs, Kenny Dalglish’s first spell at Liverpool saw him win 3 league titles and 2 FA Cups whilst Pep Guardiola sets the standard at Barcelona.

A club man, just like Giggs, Guardiola rose through the ranks of Barcelona to become a beloved player. Although he left and spent spells in Italy, Qatar and Mexico, when his playing career was over he returned to Barcelona and took over their B team.

His work at that level would see him promoted to manager of the first team and the rest is a history of beautiful football and trophies winning various trinkets in his 4 years in charge.

Of course there is no guarantee of success, Giggs is as inexperienced as Dalglish was when he took over at Anfield but the support behind the movement seems to be growing with both Phil Neville and Paul Scholes going on record to offer support.

United have been linked with both Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho when Sir Alex finally decides to vacate his throne but  there is a chance we could carry on tradition, and as with players, promote from within.

Is it an idea you would support?

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10 responses to “Is This The Ideal Solution For United?”

  1. Alan says:

    I remember Wilf McGuiness taking over from Sir Matt Busby, in the ’70s. Total disaster, we had to wait fourteen years before we found a proper replacement and SAF was appointed.

    Very few top class players make the transition to manager so I would say thanks but no thanks to Ryan Giggs as manager.

    • RedScot says:

      I read that aslo mate.I think it was described at the time as being familiar with the players.
      Did the manager Wilf not only feel comprimised when the player still called Sir Matt — Boss, in McGuiness presence.
      Not right for Ryan, he will also be mis-managed

  2. karlmu says:

    i,m not sure its too bad an idea it happened with liverpool and worked well shankly replaced by paisley and then fagan followed by dalglish all were successful.we could build a dynasty from within because to bring in a manager who would look to change things might mess up the work the club is doin right now building a young team that will carry on the utd way .giggs could be the man that makes sure the team never lose that never say die attitude

    • RedScot says:

      Was Shanks, there-after already learning management, in the boot room.
      I agree Dalglish was a sucess in his first spell at Liverpool.
      Was that more to timing and the efforts of his prior managers?

  3. Andrew says:

    I love Giggs, but not as the next manager. We can’t go with a complete inexperience manager today. The competition was different when Liverpool appointed Dalglish. The game is tougher and more challenging in terms of winning trophies today. Dalglish to an extent is finding that since he left Blackburn. He was not successful with Newcastle and has found it tough with Liverpool the second time round.

    We need a manager with some experience although Mourinho is not the right fit to be honest. He never stays anywhere and controversy follows him. He is successful though, but at a price. I think the ideal manager for me would be David Moyes. He has shown that he is capable of building a team over the long-term. He has done a great job with Everton and at times with limited resources.

    • karlomu says:

      well then what about barca promoting from within that worked for them why not us ..your right about mourinho not being the right fit he doesn,t have the style of football we need… giggs will keep us playing in that utd style in my opinion…

    • RedScot says:

      Same wave-length@ Andrew.

  4. Paul says:

    I think that if we were to go with a former player as manager, that perhaps Ole would be the better choice, especially since he has shown that he can manage a team while at Molde. On the other hand, I trust SAF and if he thinks this is the best, I’m not adverse to trying it.