Date: 2nd March 2012 at 3:08pm
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The omission of Michael Carrick from the Stuart Pearce England squad that faced Holland came as somewhat of a shock to most.

Whilst not everyone’s favourite player, Carrick has been shinning in midfield for Manchester United this season and the addition of Paul Scholes beside him in January, whilst taking the spotlight off his performances, has only served to improve him.

Carrick’s ability to stop as well as create makes him an integral part of Manchester United’s midfield regardless of who he plays beside, and Sir Alex Feguson has paid tribute to the midfielder that he signed for £16m in 2006:

“Michael is not a guy that seeks a lot of publicity.

“He is a quiet lad. He goes about his life in a similar way to Paul Scholes. It doesn’t mean to say he is not recognised by us.

“You get players like that. Denis Irwin was much the same. He was not the type to trumpet his achievements.

“It is quite refreshing in the modern game that we have players who can rely on their ability not only by promoting or projecting themselves.

“I know he disagrees but I always feel the second half of the season sees Michael at his best.

“He is doing that at the moment. His form for quite a while now has been absolutely superb. He and Scholesy are a good partnership.

“Michael is mentally strong.

“He has a different personality. That can be misread by a lot of people thinking he has to be encouraged all the time. That is not the case.”

Carrick faces his old club, Tottenham, on Sunday and is guaranteed a place in the starting line up. He will need to be be on his toes to ensure that United come away from White Hart Lane with all 3 points but as usual it is likely that he will go about his game silently performing and leaving other to take the accolades.

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2 responses to ““He and Scholesy are a good partnership.””

  1. jonathan says:

    You can bet that about 5 years from now when he’s near the end of his career that the accolades will finally start to pour in. Similar to Scholes, people will ask: “why didn’t he get more attention” “how come he wasn’t an automatic choice for England”. Unfortunately, too many get caught up in hype during the present and only appreciate less obvious (but important) qualities too late.

  2. Andrew says:

    It was a surprise that Carrick didn’t get in the England squad but it happens. Its more important that he focuses on his Man Utd career now. He can be very influential in helping us win the title. I’m sure another Premier League title’s medal would satisfy him a lot, even if he can’t make the England squad for the summer. He will get the accolades towards the end of his career like @jonathan has said.

    He only needs to look at Scholes and see a guy that was always happier playing for Man Utd than for England. England never appreciated him when he was available, and now they call for him to return, even at the age of 37. I doubt he will answer there call and Carrick shouldn’t worry about it either. He will achieve more by focusing and playing well for Manchester United.