Date: 21st March 2012 at 10:28am
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Someone needs to tell Patrick Vieira how this thing works.

We do the mind games, it usually works. Just because Keane is settled into his gig as a pundit for ITV it doesn’t mean he come out firing off as he has in today’s Daily Telegraph.

An old foe of United, an Arsenal propelled by Vieira and United have much history. It was renewed after Vieira’s spell in Italy when he joined Man City back in 2010 and now as Football Development Executive there it seems we will continually be locking horns.

With United overtaking City at the top of the table recently and City with a tough spell of games coming up, it appears Vieira has a few observations about United which he shared with the broadsheet today:

“Paul Scholes is a player that I really love and admire, one of the best English players of the last few years, and seeing him come back is good for him and for United.

“But for him to come back just shows a little bit of weakness in United, because they had to bring a player back who was 37.

“I think it shows that, in the next few years, it will be really difficult for United to cope with other teams because, with all the respect I have for Scholes, him coming back shows that they don’t have talent in there to replace him.

“When you see United losing young players like Ravel Morrison and maybe Paul Pogba, they should be really worried because that wouldn’t have happened in the past.”


2 responses to ““But for him to come back just shows a little bit of weakness””

  1. kieran says:

    if vieira wants to talk about the past…johnny giles anyone??? pleanty of young players have left united and it’s not as if city have a reputation for bringing them through either.

    he might do well to remember that city bought fowler, seaman and schmeichel and himself when they were well past their primes. just a thought

  2. Dean says:

    It was Paul’s own decision to retire, not the club. So when Scholes comes back and says “I made a mistake, I want back in” what’s Fergie going to say? Sorry Scholesy, I did offer you an extension but because you turned it down, we don’t want you.

    Get real Viera… you should have taken the role at Arsenal. Now we know your all about the money.