Date: 14th April 2012 at 3:45pm
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So Carlos Tevez is back for Man City and despite having 4 goals they remain 2 points behind us (potentially 5 at close of play tomorrow).

It seems that all has been forgiven and forgotten in the blue part of Manchester, that is until today when Tevez himself reminded City fans about his mid season hiatus.

Having nabbed a hat trick against Norwich, Tevez decided to take the piss and celebrate by swinging a golf club – a throw to his extended golf holiday that saw him miss 22 games.

Whilst you would think City fans would have been a bit miffed, they lapped it up as the Argentine mocked their club and the situation.


30 responses to “PHOTO: This Is How Much Winning The Title Means to City”

  1. Red Er1k says:

    What a strange article. Why deliberately mis-represent what Tevez did? He certainly didn’t take the piss out of anyone in any sort of offensive manner. His team mates were all laughing as were the coaching staff including Platt, even Mancini smiled and shook his head. To me it appeared a deprecating gesture that showed that the wounds have healed, that they can all have a smile and that Tevez is back big time. He may still leave in the summer, I guess that is part of the deal, but the last couple of weeks will have restored his value to the £30m mark so for City what’s not to like?

    From a United standpoint you should be writing thankfully and honestly admitting that the act of folly that City and Tevez engaged in has probably handed the PL title to one of the least gifted collection of players that United has fielded in years. I doubt they will oblige again next season when Giggs and Scholes are wheeled out again because there’s no a lot else in the locker.

    Personally I find the underlying situation at Old Trafford gut wrenching.

    • CiTyBlUe says:

      You have to be one in one hundred million, watch it you are likely to get witch hunted and mobbed by your own fanbase by using common sense and honesty. It’s not in their nature to admit facts when it goes against everything United, I sense no arrogance or ignorance in you which is extremely surreal.

      I’m guessing your a green and gold, almost FC United follower, hate the Glazers fan.

      Don’t do this pleeeease, I kinda like disliking United fans.

  2. John says:

    All is not forgotten or forgiven – I can’t forget what happened that night or the stay away from the club.
    However, he is a contracted City player and it is better to utilise the quality he provides on the pitch as long as it does not have a detrimental effect on the rest of the team,
    Also, it gives Tevez a chance to remind clubs of his skill and up his valuation

  3. hovercraft says:

    the celebration was actually directed at the Norwich fans who had been chanting songs to him about his said self imposed exile.I along with many others aren’t happy with what happened earlier in the season but if he’s on the books,has apologised and can grab the ‘odd’ goal then its better than paying him to sit on his arse like he was, although we all know that it what irks you, your turn for squeaky bum? I think so!

  4. Andy2209 says:

    I can’t believe that you have twisted this, it was clearly good natured and no offence was taken. City look like they are on fire again scoring 10 goals in two games. However if united throw this away they only have themselves to blame I think next two games are crucial if united win them both they win the league, city will beat united at etihad but then draw against Newcastle leaving united needing a win against swansea at home which they should do.

  5. silver says:

    sad sad article from an obsessed rag.
    tevez is back and firing in goals. celebrate any way he wants.

  6. I “kinda” like disliking United fans. Are u American? If so please just shut the fuck up & go on a baseball site or whatever. As for other Bertie’s comments on here, you’ve been the same twisted, misguided pricks since I go back to bein a kid. Face it, you’d screw ur own grannies if it meant puttin one over United, sad knobs, bigger pitch, taller floodlights, United aren’t from Manchester, etc how fuckin sad. Now I haven’t heard one single Bertie come out and even admit that it’s all so false, it’s NOT your money dickeds it’s been donated to you &if it hadn’t you still be fuckin about at Gillingham and Brentford. One Love, 20

    • Red Er1k says:

      Ah a truly erudite and entirely loveable fellow red. You make me proud to be a United fan.
      I must say that love your use of the English language, are you by any chance a poet by profession?

      Let’s meet up this afternoon and continue in character, I’ll buy you a prawn sarnie and you can head butt me and spit in my pint.

      • Sorry I’m confused, are you backing a fellow red, are you not actually a fellow red or are you attempting sarcasm? I like to speak my mind, you evidently enjoy trying to be cryptic.

        • Red Er1k says:

          A bit of irony actually.
          It’s never good when you have to explain it.

          It was the fact that it may have been ‘your mind’ you were speaking that was cause for concern.

  7. And for the record funny man I have English qualifications to a reasonably high level & judging from your attempt at being the verbose and ever so reasonable Man United fan I can mix it any way you prefer. Out of interest where would the pub we meet in be situated as I’m pretty sure my locals in Manchester don’t turn much profit from prawn sarnies though ironically there is the occasional head butt. Nasty but true. My comments were, if you want more of a calm, literate explanation, in response to Man City fans comments, which being a born and bred Mancunian are laughable as they ever were. Your analysis of Tevez’s actions are quite simply wrong my friend. The article was right. He has basically (sorry for the expletive) taken the piss out of the club, the manager, the staff and the fans. Do you seriously think any of this nonsense would’ve been allowed to happen at “our” club or do you not know “our” club as well as me?

  8. Blue Rubber says:

    Calm down gents.
    The mood will change when you beat Villa this evening. Might change again when you draw with Everton right enough.
    Enjoy the run-in. It’s been a while since our 2 clubs were competing for the title. Let’s hope it continues as I think you’ve got it sewn up this year.

  9. TRUTH HURTS says:

    you should know your history over 100 years out of manchester,you pay all yours rates and local taxes to trafford council not manchester that is the reason you never would have got a open bus ride in manchester why should they clean up your mess afterwards you should stick to trafford