Date: 28th April 2012 at 3:01pm
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Having played for both Manchester United and Manchester City, you could be forgiven for questioning where Peter Schmeichel’s allegiances lie.

The Danish keeper was a mainstay between the sticks for United for 8 years before moving on to Sporting Lisbon. After 2 years in Portugal he returned to England first at Aston Villa then turning out for Man City.

Schmeichel played at Maine Road for just one season and maintained his record of never being on the losing side in a derby, but despite turning out in both the red and blue he let the BBC know that his flag is firmly planted in the Manchester United’s camp:

“I’m a United fan. I’ll die a United fan.

“I played for City but it was a different City – a newly promoted team. It was a lot about working with Kevin Keegan – I was interested in management.

“It was about getting the family back to an area where we were comfortable but I’m a Manchester United fan.”

As United gear up to take on City on Monday, Schmeichel paid homage to the man that brought him to Old Trafford and hailed the impact he has had:

“Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievement this year is one of his greatest.

“No words can praise him enough.

“For someone of his age to keep moving with the times and understanding what makes these players tick is incredible.

“He always looks ahead. Not just the next game but four or five years into the future.

“I walked around Carrington (United’s training ground) with him and we watched the kids train. He said, ‘That fella over there will make his debut in 15 or 16 months’.

“That’s how he plans. But he never says that to the players. He just talks about the next game.”


59 responses to ““I’m a United fan. I’ll die a United fan””

  1. BlueManC says:

    Who else would someone from Denmark support CTID born Manchester

  2. CiTyBlUe says:

    So what for hes a fecking nob anyway, upset because City dumped his son Kasper.

    Let him die a United fan, the more tha merrier I say.

    • Fuck off you blue prick, it’d take a few million of us to die for it to be equal wouldn’t it. Born Manc RED

      • BlueManC says:

        1 Blue = 1 Million RAGS anyway, you’d need to add quite a few more SCUM to make it equal

      • Dazblue says:

        Gotta laugh at the Rag… if a million of your fans died, parts of Asia would be a bit less congested – either that or Ireland would be deserted!
        Don’t need them to die anyway – the gloryhunters will soon be jumping ship 😉

        • Why the fuck would a supporter of a club who’ve won fuck all and it took 34 fuckin yrs call us rags, fuckin knobs the lot lot, same sad little fuckin arguments. I notice u haven’t bothered arguin with the fact that we outnumber u so much in Manchester? Why because you know it’s true and 5 to 1 was being generous. Come back and argue when you are something you fuckin losers

      • BlueManC says:

        What is the point in arguing with someone like you, anyway if it’ll make you happy.

        34 years and we’re still here, from your comment I guess you wouldn’t stay loyal then, how many trophyless years before you jump ship then? Plastic or what.

        Firstly where did you say that anyway? probably in your deluded mind.

        I work in an office of 22 in the centre (by the way the spell check on this is american english, is it run my your lot) of Manchester, of those the breakdown is:

        12 Blues
        8 Reds
        2 Other

        And the further breakdown is

        6 Blue season ticket holders
        3 Go Occasionally
        3 Plastics

        2 Red STH
        2 GO
        4 Plastics

        OK it ain’t scientific but it should shut you up


        15 houses in our street

        6 Blue 4 Red 5 Other/Don’t know

        Of those 3 Blue STH, No Reds and 1 goes (when he gets a corporate ticket)

        I’m sure you’ll come up with more crap but 5-1 the nearest you’ll get to that is 5 City goals tomorrow, but I doubt you’ll get one

        You really are all that wrong with your club and I’m sure the few decent fans you have are ashamed of you.

        Please crawl back under your stone.

  3. United4Life says:

    Listen you stupid Sh*tty City c*nt. I hope you die so noone has to read ur feckin idiotic comments. United are always going to be better than city n maybe you should keep your mouth shut until you actually win something. Inbred glory hunting lil sh*t.

    • BlueManC says:

      Glory hunting from a RAG LMFHO

      • gB says:

        glory hunting rag? they aint the ones with billionare owners and are cheering on a bunch of mercs everyweek

        • BlueManC says:

          no united players play for free and have always loved the club, like Rooney….oh wait a minute once a blue……….

          But I’m happy to be proved wrong, I hope you go 30 years without a trophy and still fill the swamp, if you do then I’ll gladly accept your not glory hunters

  4. CiTyBlUe says:

    United4life, Unitedindeath awww did I touch a nerve.

    Saying that the muppet can’t be much of a United fan, having made a choice to play for a rival.

    If I was one of the best players in the world, I would still never play for United so that says it all for this big mouthed ex rag keeper.

    • CiTyBlUe says:

      Inbred?, thats rich coming from an inbred of many inbreds who support United, see comment below and blow it out urass.

    • Just thinking about you and your pathetic fucking club touches a nerve with me you dicks. Tell me would you still be feeding goats in a lowly division if you hadn’t been donated money? Tramps accepted it with open arms though didn’t you? If you want to come out with the glory huntin non Manc stuff come out with it to me you little blue tits, bin dealing with ur bitters shit since the 70’s. Our players love the club. They don’t play for free but look at Berba, Arabs offered him twice the pay but he wanted a proper club with proper full stadium and proper history rather than a proper little shit set of upstarts.

  5. CiTyBlUe says:

    All ex rag player with big mouths are idiots, including your living legends.

    When Fergy has gone you will crumble and we in pure delight with rumble.

    • Red Ray says:


    • Little dicked learnt “rag” off ur dad? I bet u don’t even know the origins of it u little blue twat do you? There he is now googling away! Ur average gate has risen since you tramps welcomed the donations so does that not suggest glory hunters? Also tell me something, would world class players have gone to you before you were sand whores? Would they FUCK so obviously they go for the money. Fucking comedy club

      • BlueManC says:


        would class players go to you without the cash…….

        …….Hang on just looked at your squad they don’t.

        • I’m arrogant? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you just say ur gonna dominate forever cos you’ve won a fuckin FA Cup! We deal in facts pal not sad jealous spouting of shit like bitters.

    • Bet you’ve never even been to the emptihad have you? After all not many bother do they? Like I said come back and argue when you are something you irritatin little shit. I asked you where ur from but u scared to say? Adswood, Brinnington, Cheadle, come on which is it?

      • BlueManC says:

        First yes I will correct you, please show me where I said we would dominate because of the CUP?

        Second I’ll be there tomorrow, will you? or is Manchester too far to travel?

        I didn’t here you ask, but if you must know Gorton, got a problem with that Mr Plastic?

        OK If you want me to go I’ll go just look out for the sick swan on Monday.

        Goodbye and Goodluck, from the way you talk you’ll need it and when your team hasn’t won anything for a few years please don’t join us, we don’t need or want people like you.

        Sorry didn’t mean that….I take back the Goodluck ha ha

        by you sad RAG

        BTW look at the Chelski score, It’s just like watching CITY!

  6. BlueManC says:

    OK but you ask him who he will win it with in the next couple of weeks

    Also ask him which fans have class and which don’t

    the two united posters have to resort to calling us shitty, god you guys are funny

    I’m sure there will be a lot more rags on here once Asia wakes up

    • So you win it next couple of weeks then? Your fans have class? You complete little prick. Class is copying a Polish teams posnan thing & claim it as ur own is it? Class is half filling ur donated stadium every week even though u’ve got a team full of big name mercenaries is it? Class is never selling out ur away allocation is it? Class is thinking inflatable bananas means ur funny? Explain what u mean and we’ll take it from there. If you ever become slightly more famous you’ll get fans in Asia, it will spread further than Stockpor you know Bertie. Where you from?

      • BlueManC says:

        oh you little sad man

        We have class whether we win lose or draw you guys just don’t, you really think class is about how many fans you have?

        CITY = QUALITY

        get a dictionary if that’s too technical

        Copying the POZNAN, well at least we kept the name

        RED DEVILS – Stolen from SALFORD RUFC
        GLORY GLORY – Stolen from THFC
        Old Trafford – Stolen from LCCC
        MANCHESTER united – Stolen from MCFC

        Can you deny any of the above?

        How many RAGS were left at the swamp at 6-1? real class

        And I’m from MANCHESTER I’m guessing your from SALFORD or TRAFFORD or SINGAPORE

        BTW if you guys love OT so much why don’t you change your name to TRAFFORD UNITED or are you embarrassed about where you come from?

        And yes class is Bananas, better to have be a fan of a club that has fun even after years of failure rather than one that has SAD RAGS like yourself who will no doubt leave as soon as something better comes along.

        I will luv it when we stuff you tomorrow, luv it

        You Lucky B***DS it should have been TEN

        • Ooh that must have been such fun for you eh? Carrying blow up bananas why didn’t we think of that? Or could it be that we weren’t so fucking disillusioned that we had to do shit like that? We’ve been making legends all my life little boy and believe me having bin born on Manchester and schooled, worked and lived here I suspect a lot longer than you can tell anyone whose not from here that might be reading this, your one pathetic little argument of 40 odd years about the geography of our clubs and fans is tird old and boring but it’s all the sad little tears have. Also there are 5 times as many reds here FACT

        • Also u reckon the way Tevez has treated you lot would be allowed to happen at United? No fucking chance. You reckon if he had done that at United our fans would’ve stood for it? No fucking chance. You talk about class pal you don’t realise how fuckin hilarious that is coming from Bertie Magoo ha ha ha ha fuckin ell!!!

        • BlueManC says:

          Why didn’t you think of that?

          Don’t worry you will and claim it for yourselves.

          Correct geography and number of fans is boring, so is bringing up bananas.

          After the City/Norwich game (BTW it was just like playing you, lots of Yellow & Green and a 6-1 win)
          A Norwich fan said he was sick of having RAG neighbors who have never been to Manchester or Carrow Road and just wear the shirt to watch the SCUM down the pub, try going around the country and pretend you are not a RAG you may be surprised at how hated you really are, its not because of success its because you have A LOT of PLASTICS.

          In what way is TEVEZ different to ROONEY, plus CITY without TEVEZ still a great team, RAGS without ROONEY? what do you think?

          Come on be honest you call us bitter, but we have better players, better fans, better owners QUALITY over QUANTITY ever time.


          Manchester by Birth & City by choice

          Don’t follow the herd follow the light

  7. iti john says:

    Have you no ambition Peter

    • Are you Pete Houghton you dick? I wish u were in front of me now cos I’m sick of typing and would much prefer to smack ur fuckin head in u daft blue twat. Ur club are fuck all and have always been in our shadow and u can’t take it hence bitter. Every club has plastics we just have more cos were the biggest club on earth and you don’t much like that fact either do you? Pathetic little arguments all the time. Ur owners are better than ours? How fuckin old are you? Our money is self made not donated prick can’t you get that? The Arabs could’ve done the same with any club so it’s just false but ur all in denial cos it gives ur sad losin little club a chance to compete with us where without it u’d probably be in the 2nd division. Come back on here at the end of the season and well see how noisy ur being then dickhead cos we all know who’s gonna win it. Ps for the record on ur few little euro trips over the last few yrs I’ve seen banners from all over the place so u too have plastics

      • BlueManC says:

        What a nice person you are, how can you call US bitters and then come out with this?

        Yes we ALL do know who’s going to WIN, glad you’ve seen the light.

  8. wiuru says:

    Thought id walked into a nursery for the pond life of Stockport having read responses to the article ! Why would Citeh fans be interested in a United Blog ?

    • BlueManC says:

      And Asia awakes

      Because it shows up on newsnow:Manchester city

      But of course, you are right, we’ll leave you alone to wallow in your self deluded world.

      Once RAGS lose an argument they always say what are you doing here, as if the internet was their domain.

      If you don’t want comment from TRUE fans have the site subscription only, otherwise don’t post rubbish and expect no comment.

      Anyway see you at the match tomorrow or possibly today your time, what’s that you’re not going…..

      …bye bye plastics

      It SHOULD have been TEN.

      • How have you won the argument tit? Same way youve won the league? Sad little nobodies with lots of donated money. Fuckin charity cases. Can’t wait til the Arabs get bored and fuck off, all the little giddys like you crawl back in ur holes.

        • BlueManC says:

          Didn’t know i said i had…….

          …….anyway enjoy your long wait

          RAG baiting I LUV IT

  9. NiktheRed says:

    I fail to see what what argument was lost and why this is even an issue. He was our greatest recent keeper, though Stepney might be the best we have ever had, so the affinity from both was there. He played for City for one season when they were in their natural position way below us. Now City fans think he should have an affinity for them? Or even that he should have cared about the ‘rivalry’ that had dissipated because of their ineptitude over a long period of time? Face facts, City lost touch as a proper rival because they were useless. Liverpool, Arsenal, these were proper rivals. City weren’t even in the same division half the time, so of course the feeling weakens, despite the natural rivalry for your neighbor.

    Now that the oil money has flowed into the Ettihad (or is it the COMS? Which ever one Maine road is long dead, though I am still not sure how your board pulled that one off) a proper rivalry will build up, but alas like most nouveau riche… City fans as yet lack the class to really articulate their points to their betters so have to content themselves with bitter vitriol and allegedly funny jibes. Come back when you actually do something of note boys, we will be waiting atop the pile for you to have some decent banter with a bit of weight behind it as opposed to your usual hot air.

    • BlueManC says:

      Please re-read (if you can) all the comments, it’s your RAG mates that “lack class”

      You have a problem with our money, our stadium, our fans? why? because you are running scared.

      While ManU had all the money you were happy to buy RIO, ROONEY etc al, but you just can’t stand competition, for years we had to settle for the odd derby win because with champions league money the gap got bigger.

      Face it you got lucky with CL money, we got lucky with Oil money, now lets see who are the better on the pitch.

      You seem to have half a brain (for a RAG) so stop trying to be clever, do you seriously believe your YANK owners are not considering renaming the swamp?

      Also you guys call us for playing TEVEZ and yet support ROONEY and have now thrown away your silly NORWICH scarves, talk about two faced.

      We know the RUDOLPH keeper is a RAG, we don’t care, just as you don’t care that ROONEY is a Toffee, RUDOLPH stands for all that is RAG, the PAST, the future is OURS, the future is BLUE, the future is MANCHESTER.

      Keep your history which seems to have started in 1992 we’ll take the future. Thanks for all the laffs.

      BTW it raining in MANCHESTER

      • Yeah but it was OUR money

        • BlueManC says:

          Our money?

          So a TV Company in ASIA pays you loads, A Million plus (your words) decide to buy your shirt in ASIA and the big FOUR reach the Champs League each year and just move away from the rest………how is that YOUR money?

          We attract a rich owner because he saw potential, you attracted greedy YANKS because they saw a cash cow.


      • I listen to this future thing off the blues I know. Funny thing is this future never comes does it? You’ve bin threatening us with this for the last 4 years in which time we’ve carried on winning things. You bitters never fuckin change do you. One fact that kills you is that no matter what you have always been and will always be in our shadow. If you just accept that and move on you’ll hurt less. Pricks

        • BlueManC says:

          You are right I was wrong in the saying the future, sorry I mean the present.

          Every few decades a team will rise to be the best….

          …learn from history…. PNE, Sunderland, Villa, Wolves, Pool and though it hurts to say it United have all been regarded as untouchable, but nothing lasts……

          ……you’ve had your time… 20 years in fact…just accept it’s over and move on.

          The futures bright, the futures BLUE, the future as you rightly point out is now.

          NEVER mind at least you’ve got HISTORY and CLASS.

          Your old man said be a City fan, maybe you should have listened

  10. RED DANNY says:


    • BlueManC says:

      Is that Raffa Ha!

      Correct in numbers wrong in percentage

      Glad you could join us any thoughts about tomorrow

      Sorry was that Manchester born and inbred?

      FACT…. boy you RAGS are funny