Date: 28th April 2012 at 3:01pm
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Having played for both Manchester United and Manchester City, you could be forgiven for questioning where Peter Schmeichel’s allegiances lie.

The Danish keeper was a mainstay between the sticks for United for 8 years before moving on to Sporting Lisbon. After 2 years in Portugal he returned to England first at Aston Villa then turning out for Man City.

Schmeichel played at Maine Road for just one season and maintained his record of never being on the losing side in a derby, but despite turning out in both the red and blue he let the BBC know that his flag is firmly planted in the Manchester United’s camp:

“I’m a United fan. I’ll die a United fan.

“I played for City but it was a different City – a newly promoted team. It was a lot about working with Kevin Keegan – I was interested in management.

“It was about getting the family back to an area where we were comfortable but I’m a Manchester United fan.”

As United gear up to take on City on Monday, Schmeichel paid homage to the man that brought him to Old Trafford and hailed the impact he has had:

“Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievement this year is one of his greatest.

“No words can praise him enough.

“For someone of his age to keep moving with the times and understanding what makes these players tick is incredible.

“He always looks ahead. Not just the next game but four or five years into the future.

“I walked around Carrington (United’s training ground) with him and we watched the kids train. He said, ‘That fella over there will make his debut in 15 or 16 months’.

“That’s how he plans. But he never says that to the players. He just talks about the next game.”


59 responses to ““I’m a United fan. I’ll die a United fan””

  1. RED DANNY says:

    Am hoping tommorow is a good game and shows what both manc football clubs can do, just hoping no one gets sent off and ref does not throw the game in favour of any team by making a crap judgment call. If all that happens i’ll be happy what ever the score is, makes more interesting now city are back on the scene, can honestly say welcome back just what united and the rest of the prem needed.

  2. andromeda says:

    To all the idiot city fans, you call unite a “glory hunter”but, don’t you think that is the essence of football.its all about achieving something in your career, united is community you bastard, its not just about hunting glories.its about management longevity,respect and tell me what nick name should I choose to fit your idiotic behavior.oops!”Arabs cock sucker”;)

    • BlueManC says:

      I have no idea what to say

      We all know ManUre are the ONLY team with history

      You got me, I’m just a Glory Hunter, I admit I’ve been hunting for 44 years and now I’ve found the glory, how could I be so stupid as to support a team with so little history & no sense of community.

      I’ve seen the light I will become a red, hang on Vinnie’s just scored, sorry shall we all become blues now?

      You Guys are sooooooo funny

      joleon lescott is top of the league

  3. What a complete tit just like they all are. They contradict themselves in every argument but are too thick to even know they’ve done it! First he says little citeh are the future while we’re the past so I say we’ve been hearing this for 4 years now. So then he says it’s not about the future it’s “now” to which I replied ok, who is top “now” then? To which the typically thick Stockport Bertie Our floodlights are bigger than yours twat then goes back to the future!! We can av the goons for breakfast can’t we!!!!

    • BlueManC says:

      And I reply US, we are top of the league

      So Mr Irwell if you haven’t thrown yourself in it, what do think now?

      BTW didn’t see you at the ground, then again didn’t notice

      LOONEY, BIBBS or No GOALS either but I think you brought wellshit on

      This is what its like to be Man U
      This is what its like to be small
      This is what its like when your team has no shots at all, no shots at all, no shots at all

  4. BlueManC says:

    Where have gone Irwell Mate?

    I’m missing You

    I’m guessing that as a plastic

    1. You weren’t there
    2. Too tight to subscribe to SKY
    3. Couldn’t watch in a pub, cos it was full of Blues
    4. Watched on your own, in your hovel on your laptop
    5. Broke laptop when Kompany scored, so you have no way to see this
    6. When you eventually get a new one we can talk again

    Anyway just in case you find an internet cafe or nick yourself a new one

    Shall I sing a song for You?

    U-N-I T-E-D
    The team that lost to MAN CITY
    with a nic-nac-paddy-wack
    Is that all you got
    You didn’t even have a SHOT!

    Have a good life (if you ever get one)

    You sign Phil Jones etc etc………

    Fergies cracking Up!