Date: 5th May 2012 at 12:29am
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Contrary to rumours, Darren Fletcher is not on his way to retiring.

Fletcher has been out of action since December with a chronic bowel illness and whilst no return date was given, it was presumed he would be back in United’s colours.

Fletcher moonlighted as a coach for the reserves at points this season, but with no news on his return rumours began to circulate midweek that he was ready to hang up his boots.

Not quite.

The club moved to quash these rumours and Sir Alex Ferguson has further dispelled this by trying to lock in a date for the Scottish midfielder’s return:

“We’re hoping he will start pre-season training.

“He is on the recovery road at the moment in the sense of some work he is doing.

“But we can’t assess it because we don’t know enough about it.

“Darren’s medical people are dealing with it and our doctor has a good idea of the situation but at the moment the boy is doing his best to come back.”


2 responses to ““He is on the recovery road at the moment””

  1. friz durnolo says:

    Great info exactly what i had been trying to find. Do you can article a lot more stuff like this later on.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m a fan of Fletcher and I hope he recovers from his illness. My worry is that he will become another Hargeaves who is apart of the squad but always injured. We need to get the midfield sorted, but its harder if we don’t know his situation.

    We need to have four sold central midfielder’s going into next season which can’t include Fletcher. If he does return then its a bonus and another option we will have in the squad. We have Carrick and Cleverley. Its time for Anderson to leave and possibly for Scholes to retire again so that we can buy new players.