Date:8th May 2012 at 5:28pm
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Well our worst fears have been confirmed as Nike leaked this image onto the club’s Facebook page.

I don’t think anyone was impressed with the ‘tartan/checked’ kits that have been floating around and hoped they were fake but it appears they are the shirts we will be turning out in next year.

Called the ‘Gingham Collection’ and celebrating the 134 years since the club’s inception, it appears the kit is a salute to United’s as well as the city of Manchester’s industrial heritage.

Thoughts please?


23 responses to “PICTURE: Nike & United Confirm New Kit”

  1. Ed says:

    It’s not a fashion parade, anyone who thinks they look good walking down the street in a football shirt isn’t allowed to comment. As soon as the players put it on I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s just a kit not a fashion statement.

    • John says:

      Ed you are a berk…if the kit is horrible it won’t sell any as well end of

      Yes your seven year old boy is gonna want it, but your fashion conscience teen won’t

      That is how retail works

      • Jackie says:

        John you are a twat…Its nothing to do with how the kit looks. If you’re a fan you wear the Jersey regardless. But thanks for your insight to the retail business anyway..LOL

      • Andy says:

        I buy the shirt every year, not for the style, or sponsor but for the badge! first thoughts on a few of the kits I haven’t taken nicely but once It comes out and I see the team wearing it… i want it

      • Ed says:

        Shirt sales don’t buy players, huge lucrative sponsorships from global trademarks do! Like errrm… Nike

  2. amy says:

    Unless your coming home from the match or training yourself you should’nt be wearing a football jersey so who cares what they look like. Theres nothing funnier than a spotty tennager sporting a United Jersey like its a fashion statement. Support your club by all means but if you think the jersey is day to day wear no wonder the women always look the other way. Utd 20.

    • Steve says:

      with a name like amy it proves your an ignorant female with no idea how men and their sports teams work, i suggest you find a man so he can teach you a few things

      • Cognition says:

        With a name like “Amy”, she has a much better sense of what women find attractive in men….and if she says women don’t like men in a sports jersey, then I’m inclined to believe it

        • Steve says:

          Men dont buy sport jerseys to look good for women. Contrary to what any woman may think.

  3. Gav says:

    It should be called the mingin collection

  4. Steve says:

    Absolutely terrible, looks so ugly I may even watch less games when they wear them to avoid seeing these abominations

  5. Andy c says:

    My God. Have these tits never heard of market research! As soon as they saw the massively negative reaction to the leaked photos almost 6 months ago they should have gone back to the drawing board. Just embarrassing!

  6. mateo says:

    great comments!

    agree with John. In theory, if you are a fan, you buy the shirt regardless…In reality though, the more shirts we sell, the better chance we have to compete with Barca and City to get the right players, as we can all agree that’s what is needed right now (more $$$)…At the end of the day, a nicer shirt will bring in more revenue comparing to a less attractive one.

    As I’ve not seen the whole shirt yet, who knows…maybe it’s time to change my aig rooney top.

  7. Mart says:

    If you’re a fan, you buy the shirt regardless…but if you’re a supporter…

    I haven’t bought a shirt for over a decade, and don’t anyone tell me I’m not a proper supporter for that reason.
    Besides, it won’t harm United one bit if the shirt doesn’t sell – United already have Nike’s money, it’s up to Nike to sell them and claw some of that dosh back. If they make a minging kit, it’s their lookout. Alright, the Megastore might shift a few less, but the real hit will be Nike’s.

  8. LulzSec says:

    United kits by Nike have gone from bad to worse over the years … F*ck Nike

  9. Muthomieric says:

    Leave this to mufc to decide u intruders

  10. wiuru says:

    Vote with your wallet/card , No one has to buy them .