Date: 11th May 2012 at 11:42am
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With Manchester United calling out for a mid season boost, Sir Alex again showed why he is at the top of the game by reintroducing Paul Scholes into the team.

Having retired in the summer, Scholes came back reinvigorated and injected a freshness into the team that saw us leap frog Man City and march back to the top of the table.

Whilst City were able to do enough to again snatch their lead back, regardless of the outcomes of Sunday’s game Paul Scholes return will go down as another masterstroke from Sir Alex.

His appearances have been so impressive that again there has been talk of a return to the England set up, a full 8 years since his retirement. Yet despite the European Championships being this summer former United talisman Bryan Robson doesn’t expect to see Scholes in Poland and Ukraine.

Speaking to Yahoo Sport, when asked if Scholes would go to the Euros and if Scholes was England’s best midfielder Robson replied:

“He’s probably the most talented in terms of vision and passing the ball. Scholes has got great vision. He is the only one that can really answer that question though. I don’t know what Paul Scholes has got in his mind. He retired years ago. I don’t think it’s
something which Scholes would probably take onboard after so many years out but there is only Paul who can answer that question.”

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2 responses to ““He’s probably the most talented in terms of vision and passing the ball.””

  1. Nip says:

    Scholes is one of my favorite players EVER but it has to be said that asking him out of retirement shows how desperate we are lacking in midfield.

    Do we actually have any money to spend on new players? Our youth are leaving and and Scholes and Giggs are officially past it.

    What now?

  2. karlomu says:

    I read an article the other day in The Irish Independent .It stated the financial records of each premier league club ,with the annual turnover for utd meaning they could have 80m per year to spend on players, but unfortunatly that money goes to servicing loan repayments.We are manchester utd the most popular football club in the world and we can`t compete with city or chelsea clubs that don,t even come close to our stature,theres something really wrong here and i hope it changes soon before the likes of city and chelsea do have a greater standing in world football and it will be a standing on higher ground with their view fixed down on utd .