Date: 16th May 2012 at 11:13pm
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It seems Carlos Tevez is content with alienating himself everywhere he goes, after the striker refused to apologise for the sign he held up during Man City’s title parade.

As the the bus carrying the title winning City side made it’s way through Manchester, Tevez was seen holding a sign saying “RIP Fergie”.

Man City were quick to apologise for the sign and Tevez’s brandishing of it and United later accepted the apology but Tevez has spoken out revealing his position to be at odds with his club.

Arriving back in Argentina, Tevez has been quoted by Ole as saying:

“It seems like Ferguson is the president of England.

“Every time he speaks badly about a player or says terrible things about me, nobody says that he has to apologise.

“[But] when someone comes out with a joke or banter, you have to apologise – but I won’t apologise.”

The sign was said to be a reference to Sir Alex’s “not in my lifetime” quote but despite seeing the commotion it has caused Tevez refuses to apologise.

A number of excuses were made for Tevez in the wake of him displaying the sign but the fact he refuses to apologise nullifies any of this.

As deplorable and classless player as I can remember.


24 responses to ““I won’t apologise.””

  1. Pudge says:

    What about ‘Join City and you’re dead’?

    But you lot go ahead and take the moral high ground….

  2. StevieBlue says:

    ‘As deplorable and classless player as I can remember.’ Says the man with Rooney and two serial adulterers in the same team (three if you count the aforementioned). People in glass houses…

    By the way, Balotelli sends Wio a wink. 😉

  3. Archimonde says:

    wonder why these man city fans are coming here. That mob’s insecurities are mind boggling

  4. HeavyRiffs says:

    How about Slur Alex’s classless remark in the first place, ‘not in my lifetime’?
    You’re funny you lot…

  5. wiuru says:

    Non of this should or would surprise any Red . Teve£ is well suited to his woe is me , victim role .How short are the memories of Citeh fans .

    • HeavyRiffs says:

      He’s done his pennance and wasn’t paid whilst absent, come back and done a job.
      Love the way you rags make a point of Tevez refusing to warm up/play, but gloss over Scholes doing the same thing to you lot.
      Hypocrites of the highest order, just like Slur Alex.

  6. ColyhurstRedArmy says:

    Sums city up…classless tinpot bitters. spent a billion but could only get ahead of a united missing vidic all season on goal difference.

    tevez is their hero….when he can be arsed to turn up because he’s not playing golf lol

    congratulations on drawing level on title wins with huddersfield town city, but you’ve got decades to go yet if you want to be up there with the best. You better pray to your sheikh some more, because if he leaves your f’cked. MUFC on the other hand are unreliant on any sugar daddy and therefore will never die.

    • HeavyRiffs says:

      No, we didn’t do anything to get past your shower, we just wanted to win the league, we couldn’t give a toss about the rags.
      Sheik or Glazaers, no brainer really, which should suit you.

  7. RedDevils says:

    First of all congratulations to City for winning the title coz you guys deserved it!

    But let’s talk about Tevez! Are you people actually supporting him?He’s the same guy who refused to play against Bayern in the UCL game clearly portraying his disrespect not only towards mancini but against your whole club and the fans! Went on play golf and enjoyed his vacation and not giving a shit about your team! Just because he returned and gave some useful performances doesn’t mean he’s a hero! He’s a c***t. He’s a Bastard and a traitor! And you guys are supporting him?Just because he “plays” for city? There’s no difference between you and liverpool fans who were supporting suarez till the end even though they knew the fact that he was a racist! Just like you guys still support that retard Mario…who doesn’t give a shit about your club! Get some class!

    On the other hand You guys have spent over 400 million dollars in the past 5 years alone in the transfer market…so it was obvious that you guys will be a tough team to beat…yea that’s quite classy isn’t it? Shit Club with Shit history! Half of you were chelsea fans before the sheikh took over! You guys deserved the league this year but it will alteast take you 50 years to meet our class!

    Learn some class and passion from us!

    • HeavyRiffs says:

      You’re right, we need some lessons in class from your lot.
      Rooney claiming he wants to leave for footballing reasons, then only to stay for a bumper pay rise, now officially the highest paid player in the league.
      Your own fans threatening him with death threats if he left.
      Giggs shagging his sister in law for 8 years.
      Ferdinand dodging drug tests.
      Anderson dodging breath tests.
      Fergie saying not in his lifetime, noisy neighbours, silly money, silly wages, we don’t do that.
      All dead classy, right?

      • wiuru says:

        All this from a club with three decorative stars on its shirt ? A drug taker in midfield .A ceo who sent scummy e mails to a distressed mother ! Then trys to lie his way out of it.If you need reminded Uniteds Money is its own made on the back of its own business model and vision . MCFC just the same as the stars on its shirt a decoration for an Arab Shiekh .Sad people indeed , you deserve Teve£ .

        • HeavyRiffs says:

          He’s not a midfielder, he’s a central defender who him himself brought his mistake to the attention of his club, who in turn notified the league. Your lad just climbed out the toilet window.
          The length of the bans put it nicely into perspective for me really.

          My point was all clubs and their players have some skeletons in their closets. Don’t get all pious and take the moral high ground, deeming to look down on all and sundry and lecturing on class!

        • BlueManC says:

          The STARS can now stand for 3 league titles, guess we’ll have a new badge after next year.

          Here we go again, we made our money…..yes we know you sell lots of shirts in singapore, well done you.

          And you deserve Phil Jones

  8. wiuru says:

    Here comes the revisionist history !

    • HeavyRiffs says:

      People in glass houses son, plenty of grubby secrets in your distant and not so distant past.

      • RedDevils25 says:

        Well you people do pay silly money and silly salaries…are you going to deny that?. Just tell me one thing…had the sheikh not taken over your club, then had it been possible for you guys to win the title? No.
        Now apart from Rooney, none of the other players you have named have ever done a thing like Tevez! He refused to play for your club during the match! He ran away from Manchester when he could have apologized! He Insulted the manager! It’s just like your super mario who portrays his stupidity week after week!
        Yes all teams have players which have done things in the past which hurt the supporters and which invite mockery from the rival clubs. But Tevez? Back in August Mancini’s son Fillip refused to come on as a substitute during an Elite Development Squad match against Liverpool!What’s up with your club?lol!
        And by class…i’m talking about winning the games without spending insane amount of money! And let’s face it…none of your players are loyal towards your club? For eg, Even Yaya is considering his future away from city!
        What about Kolo Toure? He failed a Drug test last season as well!what about Christian Negouai missing a drug test in 2003!
        Now as for rio…you people just talk crap…utter crap…Just read what i’m writing next…and if you are gonna question that…screw you!

        2003:Before training Rio was told along with two other players that he would be tested for drugs after training. Training ended and Rio flew off to town, where he was pictured shopping. At 2.02pm he remembered the drugs test and called the club to ask could he come back for the test. The testers told him he was too late, however they didn’t leave Carrington until 2.27pm, which would have been enough time to return for the test. UEFA’s website confirmed that Rio had asked to take the test on the same day but was told it was too late. An important point to mention is that drug-test procedures do not have a time limit so there was no reason why the testers couldn’t have waited, given the implications of what him not taking the test were. Rio was tested for drugs at their next convenience, two days later, and that test came back negative.
        Before Rio’s ban and fine had been announced, PFA chief Gordon Taylor was confident, like many, that there would be no problem in clearing the defender’s name, after the evidence that Rio’s plea to take the test before the testers have left was rejected.
        “If I was representing the FA and they asked me should it go ahead, I would say that unless they can mount an emphatic challenge to this evidence it should not,” he said. “We don’t want to sweep anything under the carpet but the case is now far from cut and dried. It is clear the testers should have stayed. Not enough was done to ensure Rio took the test on that day. It is not good enough to just leave when he was prepared to make it back.”
        After Rio’s unprecedented punishment was handed out, Rio offered to have a hair follicle test, which would have given results for the past 6 months, dating before his original test date, but the FA declined his request.
        The MEN reported at the time: The FA does not appear to dispute Ferdinand’s claims that he has never taken drugs – they have not listed him for target-testing, which would be the usual procedure for any player suspected of being a drug user. And their refusal to get involved in hair follicle testing is further evidence that they do not question Ferdinand’s claims that he is drug-free. They maintain the punishment is for his failure to take the test alone.
        The whole episode was an absolute farce and illustrates the idiocy of fans claiming United are given preferential treatment by the FA. The unjust nature of this incident is heightened when you look at the case of Christian Negouai, a Manchester City player, who missed a drugs test just months before Rio. Negouai was due to take a pre-arranged drugs test at City’s training ground but at the appointed time he went missing, later explaining that he had had to collect his mother from the airport. He claimed that he was delayed in traffic and by the time he made it he had missed the test. He was given no ban and was fined just £2,000.!

        On the other hand what fergie said was spot on!

        As far as giggs is concerned…he’s not a moral crusader…on the pitch his class cannot be compared…his has shown that in the past 20 years…his personal life has nothing to do with it…

        Now it’s time for you city fans to shut up, enjoy these 3 months and defend the league title! And like i said before…GET SOME CLASS!!

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